Here’s to Team Planet Pluto!!!

July 14th, 2015

Big news!

We earthlings finally made it to Pluto.  It took us nine years to get there which is kind of ironic since Pluto historically was known as the ninth planet. Needless to say, it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence.

The first pictures show the heart of Pluto which is quite breathtaking.  At the same time, it kind of makes you think of the Little Engine that Could.  It’s small as far as planets are concerned but at the same time it’s impressive and mighty.

I’m a huge Pluto fan for reasons I’ll share later, so I’m one of the many people outraged that Pluto had it’s planet title revoked.  The nerve!  And then, of course, it got worse with scientists calling it a “dwarf planet.”  Really?  Who wants to be called a “dwarf”?  Isn’t that politically incorrect?  It’s even wrong in Disney terms.  Pluto is a dog not a dwarf.  I’m surprised they didn’t just compound the insult by renaming it Doc, Sleepy, Grumpy, or Dopey.

Nine is my lucky number, so I’m particularly partial to nine of anything.  For me, it’s much better than eight.  Face it.  Eight planets just doesn’t sound right.

And if you’re a Scorpio like me, your ruling planet is Pluto.  That makes this a particularly big day for some of my fellow October/November birthdays out there.

Planets have been a fascination from the beginning of time.  The Romans had the honor of naming the planets, and they chose to name them after their gods.  Since Jupiter was the biggest planet it was named for their most important god.  Pluto was the smallest and named for the god of the underworld which is much more fun.

Remember the early history you learned back in elementary school?  We earthlings thought the universe revolved around the Earth at some point.  The Flat Earth followers made a good run for a while, too. Passing by Pluto reminds us once again how big the universe really is.

It’s easy to forget as we are wrapped up in our own little world whether it’s Madison or Manhattan the vastness of the universe.  Today, everyone should think big thanks to a little planet called Pluto.

Seeing Pluto should make us all think about some pretty deep questions.  Is there life out there?  Who knows about Pluto, but it’s almost impossible to imagine that we’re the only life forms eating our breakfast today.  It’s fun and exciting to think about the possibilities and to keep an open mind.  One thing I know for sure.  I don’t know the answer (which is a pretty major admission on my part).

Besides the unanswered questions about the universe, space is just fun to imagine.  Think of all your favorite space movies.  Space is inspiring.  Think about Star Trek where humans go where no person has gone before or Star Wars where it’s a good idea to have the Force with you.  And then there’s Superman who came to Earth from Krypton before it blew up.  Finally, there all those Martians who decided to journey in our direction and make life interesting for us earthlings.

Right now, it’s all about Pluto and I love it.  For me, Pluto will always be the ninth and coolest planet (next to Earth of course).

Let’s enjoy all the pictures coming slowly back to Earth from about three billion miles away.

And as we enjoy the views, let’s also know that anything is possible.