Heaven or Hell–Which is it for you?

August 13th, 2015

Don’t worry.

I haven’t become an evangelist and am about to ask you to part with your hard earned money to support “the cause.”

Instead, I’ve just been introduced to Devil’s Carnival 2 and all I can say is “wow!” This is a movie that really makes you think.

It’s a continuation of (you guessed it) Devil’s Carnival, a film by Darren Lynn Bousman, which ended with a cliffhanger.  Not to give anything away, but after watching Devil’s Carnival 2, I’m guessing a third dose of Heaven or Hell will be coming to a theater near you at some point.

Paul stars in the movie and (thankfully) I’m pleased to report I’m not living with the screen version of the Devil. Paul plays God–not the Cecil B. DeMille pious variety–no this film depicts Heaven and Hell as being much more political.

In the film, God and the Devil are gearing up for a big fight.  The pathway to Hell is via an elevator which is very convenient.  Heaven is a very orderly place with lots of rules.  If you break them, you’ll suffer the consequences.  And if you’re really bad? Well that earns you a trip down the elevator.

Naturally, being God, Paul’s character is loved because everyone owes everything to him.  I’m not going to give away the film but you can only guess what happens when one being controls everything and you don’t do what that being tells you to do.

Let’s just say if you enjoy riding elevators it works out for you.  If you don’t, not so much.

The film is filled with lots of singing, and Paul is a great singer with the kind of voice you’d expect God to have if He was singing.  Paul’s voice is incredible.  In the movie, Heaven is naturally filled with beautiful people. There’s no room for dumb, fat, ugly people there.

Hell is quite different.  It’s a carnival (no surprise given the title). It’s inhabited by lots of ugly weird creatures.

The visuals and music are excellent and the film really makes you think about what happens in Heaven and Hell and whether or not they exist at all.  In the movie version, both places have hierarchy, power plays, and lots of drama.

In the film, Heaven is naturally much more pleasant but at least in Hell you’re free to roam the ruins.  Which is worse?  I guess it depends on your point of view.  Are you a saint or a sinner?

It’s a great movie for the colorful scenes, awesome music, and the best film God ever!

Darren Lynn Bousman really makes you think about the afterlife which probably wasn’t the goal here.  Still, the dichotomy between black and white and good and evil provides for lots of food for thought.  That’s the great thing about movies.  Many of them really make you think.  For example, there’s The Matrix. Do you want the blue pill or the red pill?  Do you want to live in the real world or experience some fantasy?

That’s what makes Devil’s Carnival 2 in it’s own way pretty deep.  Some people believe in Heaven and Hell.  Others believe in reincarnation and still others believe this is it.  After this life, there’s nothing.  That raises lots of other questions.  Why are we here?  Deep questions indeed.

Devil’s Carnival 2 is a fascinating look at the afterworld.  Take a look at the carnival.

It’s a fun ride!