Heave Ho Boehner Must Go—We Need a Real Leader

October 17th, 2013

Well here we are again.

Congressional GOP leaders caved in to Obama and the Democrats.  The so-called “deal” reached between Reid and McConnell was actually a corrupt bargain with the American people getting screwed yet again.

Over and over we raise the debt limit.  The debt just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  It’s in the trillions of dollars now but is on its way to be quadrillion jillion—or whatever infinity is.  It’s also a true oxymoron since there clearly is no limit to our debt.

In the meantime, there is three billion dollars in new pork in the bill including a nice big dam project in Kentucky which McConnell claims he didn’t push for (wink . . . wink).

At the same time, ObamaCare keeps moving right along.  The only thing stopping it right now is its own hideous flaws.  Thankfully, only one poor soul has signed up in Delaware.  For those Obama voters out there, Delaware is small, but it’s still a state. “One” would be a small number to sign up on my street let alone an entire state. Still, that’s one too many in my book.  Keeping this flawed law could spell the beginning of the end of the country.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is reportedly in good shape after this entire fiasco according to many House Republicans.  It’s mystifying to imagine why he would remain Speaker after so many failures.  My guess is that his secret weapon is GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy who is the most talented guy in politics.  If we still have a country, he’ll be Speaker someday—though not soon enough as far as I’m concerned. Fortunately for Boehner, Kevin is loyal and won’t turn on the guy who helped get him where he is today.

Still, if Boehner really cared about his country and his party, he would step down now and give someone else a shot.  Instead, we must continue to endure his go along to get along mentality.  He’s truly establishment to his core.

Last time they elected a new Speaker, there were some rumblings that Johnny B would be challenged. It didn’t happen and any hint of it could lead to retribution which would include loss of key committee assignments.  At this point, though, who cares?

The bigger issue is what’s happening right now to the GOP.  As things stand, the GOP appears to be like an old folks home with the channel stuck on The Lawrence Welk Show.

As Republicans, we’re at a critical point.  Are we going to move forward and gain ground by winning back the Senate and the White House or are we going to continue to flounder and not stand for anything which is what the establishment and John Boehner are all about?

Some feel that Boehner should stay because he’s a good fundraiser.  We have plenty of money.  What we lack is leadership and a motivation to do the right thing.  The country needs energetic patriots who aren’t afraid to make tough decisions and who won’t fold every time there is a debt ceiling or budget issue.

It’s time to start campaigning for a new Speaker—one who is courageous and unrelenting.  Otherwise, we will hear Porky Pig sputter out, “That’s all folks!”

As our party goes, so goes the country.  If we don’t act now, our country may never recover.  Let’s not let that happen.  Instead, let’s make the necessary changes to prevent that and one of the biggest changes moving forward is bailing on Boehner.



  1. R.C.
    Posted Oct 17 2013 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

    It wasn’t a cave. It was planned all along because the RINO voters want this. They are nothing more than one side of the DemoRINO Party. Shame on him, but more shame on the citizens who vote to live off their fellow citizens’ taxes.

  2. RC
    Posted Oct 17 2013 at 3:16 pm | Permalink

    This wasn’t a cave. It was known all along because of those who vote for RINO Boehner and the others. The shame goes on their shoulders. They are nothing more than one side of the DemoRino Party.