Harry Reid Owes Marines and Families an Apology

March 20th, 2013

Every time I see Harry Reid on television, I wonder why Senate Democrats choose to keep him as Majority Leader.

Surely, they can do better. If they can’t, that says a lot.

Yesterday’s hideous attempt by the Majority Leader to connect the tragic deaths of seven Marines in an accident at the Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada to the sequester was about as insensitive and disgusting as anything the Majority Leader has come up with recently and that’s saying a lot because this man is king of the outrageous comment.

It irks me to constantly hear how Republicans are obstructionist and unwilling to work with others and then have to listen to Harry Reid, who can’t even open his mouth without saying something designed to irritate anyone who might even slightly disagree with him.

Maybe if Reid had a “nice” side to him that we could all see now and then, we could overlook the vitriol, but so far I haven’t seen it. Instead, he looks and sounds like the old curmudgeonly bachelor uncle who makes it a point to attend the annual family reunion just to make sure no one enjoys themselves too much.

We might forgive some of Reid’s behavior if he actually “did” anything.  Since taking his position, he seems most interested in making sure the Senate podium microphone is still working properly.  Every day, he gets up to speak, throws a bomb at Republicans either collectively or individually and calls it a day.

In the meantime, the Senate hasn’t passed a budget in years. Come to think of it, I can’t recall anything of note the Senate has done for quite some time.  The most notable Senate activity recently was the Rand Paul filibuster. Not exactly something endorsed by Harry Reid. They have confirmed a few presidential appointments, but even Senators know an empty Cabinet eventually wouldn’t sit well with most Americans.

An anthology could be written containing all Reid’s over the top comments throughout his long career.  This one, however, is so bad he needs to apologize in a big way immediately.  Members of the military are volunteers.  Their families make enormous sacrifices.  Without knowing any facts whatsoever, it is utterly outrageous for anyone, but particularly someone in Reid’s position, to suggest that seven brave Marines died because of budget cuts.

A sincere apology by Reid for trying to politicize this tragedy is the least he could do.  The most we could hope for is that he would step down and the Democrats would choose a constructive leader who could actually work with Republicans and get things done.

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