Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

February 12th, 2016

Gentlemen—You have an opportunity to wow your woman for three straight days!  Even if you opt out of that awesome opportunity at least get the big day (Sunday) right.  Here are my nine top suggestions for making Valentine’s memorable, and we all know what that means (you’re welcome):

9.  Do not buy candy or appliances.  Trust me, you’ll be in the doghouse for a good year for that faux pas.

8.  Make your reservations NOW.  You’re already late so better start dialing before you finish reading this.  And no Applebee’s won’t cut it.

7.  If you’re low on cash, pack a picnic, but make sure it’s a good one with some nice flowers to complete the mood.

6.  Flowers and champagne are a must.  Whatever you do, don’t get sparkling wine.  It must be champagne and also don’t get flowers from the side of the road.  This is really the easy part so there’s no excuse for messing it up.  Make that mistake and you’re going to be in for a very long year.

5.  Find a lovely piece of jewelry and don’t go to Jared’s of all places.  It’s embarrassing especially since that name conjures up images of Jared the former Subway pitchman who’s now doing time for his illegal behavior with young girls.

4.  Thinks boats, trains, or limos.  Find something to transport you and your special lady that will be memorable.  A horse drawn carriage ride in New York City is nice although could be a bit chilly right now.

3.  A spa package is a great idea if you have terrible taste in just about everything else.  You can’t really mess that up unless you go to some beauty school and try getting a deal.  This is definitely not the day or area to scrimp.  A bad wax will result in a bad week and for you perhaps an even longer period of time.

2.  Think senses.  Smell—find her favorite flowers or perfume.  Hearing—take her to the symphony, concert, or a great show like An American in Paris.  Sight—a beautiful handbag is always nice.  Feel—how about a nice soft coat?  Taste—what does she love to eat?  You get the drift.  Think about what really makes her happy.

1.  Give it your best effort to give her what she loves, enjoys, and cherishes.  Just do it.  Give her what she wants.  It’s once a year.  St. Valentine’s Day is the day for romance and love so don’t mess it up!  Consult with Cupid, Aphrodite, Venus, and this blog of course and you’ll be fine.

Happy LOVEely Valentine’s!