Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Boy—Are We Lucky in America!

March 17th, 2015

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  It’s a day to celebrate and honor the Irish, and since I’m Scot-Irish I always have a good time.

This year, Paul and I are in the middle of a cross-country drive.  I was initially pretty unhappy about the idea and felt sure my husband suggested it just to get even with me for persuading him to travel from New York City to Los Angeles by train. He’s a big guy and so train travel isn’t the most comfortable way to go for him, but he was a very good sport about it, so I felt I had no choice but to get behind the wheel and hit the road.

While I had my reservations, I’m really happy I’ve come along for the ride. Driving across America I realize once again what an amazing country we live in.

We began our journey in sunny California before traveling through the desert to our overnight destination, Las Vegas.  Next we drove through the mountains of Utah (which can be challenging—this is where a train conductor comes in handy), and now we are back in the desert on our way to Grand Junction, Colorado.

It’s pretty daunting when you think that there is a lot more beautiful America to see.

On St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll hear a lot about the luck of the Irish.  Today, as I see all that America has to offer I’m thinking about how lucky we all are to be Americans.  I was dreading the drive, but it’s been a joy so far, appreciating the beauty and variety our country has to offer.

There is no country like this.  Not only is the scenery stunning, but also we have freedoms (at least for now) like no other country in the world.  That’s a powerful combination.

We can still own a gun for our protection (although it’s becoming almost impossible in some places like New York City—although NYC is so awesome in other ways it manages to make up for this fact).  You can deal with it . . . barely.

Having fifty incredible states to choose from makes for a lifetime of amazing adventures, all without having to get a passport stamped. I’m afraid most Americans don’t appreciate this fact as much as they should.

I’m grateful for our country and to my husband for asking me to join him on this wonderful journey.

Yes, I have the luck of the Irish with me today because it’s giving me the opportunity to realize once again just how lucky I am and to reinforce my love for the USA.

So a toast to our country today.  Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, when you do, make it a Jameson or Bushmills Irish Whiskey in keeping with the spirit of this very special day.