Happy Lazy Labor Day Unions! (But Forget about Getting $15/hour for Serving Up that Crummy Chalupa!)

August 30th, 2013

Labor Day weekend is a great time for food, fun, and honoring American workers everywhere.

In the run-up to this weekend’s Labor Day festivities, we have unions reminding us, however, that there is a chink in America’s labor armor—unions themselves. While unions made sense back when Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle and people had valid reasons to fear that the guy making a hot dog might have just added a little rat hair in there or worse yet, a bit of the guy himself might be ground up in the mix thanks to wretched working conditions, times have changed.  Now, rather than help workers achieve better working conditions and better than slave wages pay, unions are known instead for driving up the prices of everything and ruining businesses.

The latest whiners in the workforce are those folks serving up burgers and fries.  There is nothing wrong with this kind of work.  In fact, for decades, fast food places provided a great first job for young people looking to earn extra cash and get some work experience.

Not so with today’s burger flippers who are marching in the streets for $15 per hour pay!

Give me a break.  That’s way too much money for the amount of skill it requires to push a button on a soft drink machine or memorize the phrase, “You want fries with that?”

Evidently, unions are convincing these people that they are not only worth this much money to do this job but that they actually deserve it.

It’s really sad to see the state of the workforce these days.  Lots of people are out of work who would love to find a job.  Unfortunately, there are many people with jobs who are looking for more money for less effort.  That’s certainly better than the increasing number of people faking disability to pull in a government check for doing nothing, but it’s still disconcerting.

Let’s face it, fast food worker is an entry level position.  Work your way up to management and then you can make more money.

I’m really tired of the attitude of many Americans out there.  Give me my Obama phone and Obama food stamps or I’ll march down your street and hold up traffic until I get it!


Personally, I’d rather cook my own food or starve than pay a fast food worker $15 an hour to cook up some frozen beef and dress it up with stale lettuce and a tomato slice and call it a hamburger.

Fast food restaurants are small businesses.  I don’t care if it does say McDonalds or Wendy’s on the sign out front, it’s a franchise and is owned by some local person trying to earn a living.  The restaurant business in general is difficult.  How many $.99 hamburgers do you think you have to sell to become a millionaire?  Now run that number if you’re paying the guy putting it together and shoving it through a drive through window $15 an hour!

I don’t like a lot of fast food.  I worry about pink slime in hamburgers and anything that’s a fast food taco is just gross. Overpaying workers who serve this stuff would likely destroy any “quality” that there might be.

Restaurants should hold strong and say no to this nonsense.  Unions are huge business and job killers.

Sorry, but no fast food worker is worth $15 an hour.

Not one.



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