Happy Brexit—See Ya Globalist Losers!

June 29th, 2016

What a tremendous day when the Brits got their independence back.  Ironic to be an American saying this.  After all, our national story begins with us asserting our independence from—who else—England.

You have to wonder how terrible it’s been for the Brits considering their proud history to be stuck in something as terrible as the European Union.  This was an empire where the sun never set because it was so big and in control of the world.  Imagine how Queen Victoria and her Diamond Jubilee entourage would have reacted had Marty McFly shown up in his DeLorean time machine and explained that eventually the United Kingdom would give up their independence to be part of a group that includes Estonia and Montenegro.  Likely they would have thrown their tea and scones at him.

Instead of this surreal scene the Brits threw their votes at the EU and decided to leave.  In doing so, they said no to globalism and divorced themselves from a sad pathetic group.  I’ve never understood why merry old England would join up with such a Loser B-Team to begin with.  Same with Germany.  Angela Merkel has absolutely destroyed Germany, but that isn’t as bad as what’s happened to Sweden.

The UK is late in the game to get out of such a mess, but with strong leadership they should be able to salvage their country.

The leftists are screaming racism and in doing so being total morons.  No, it’s simply patriotic to want to defend your country against failure, invaders, globalism, and ruin.

Having some pride and claiming victory is the way to go.  Losers, leftists, and glomming on globalists just need to move on.

See ya, David Cameron.  Feel free to blame your friends like Obama for taking you down this path of defeat.  Back in the day, Margaret Thatcher demonstrated true leadership when it came to preserving the UK.  Ronald Reagan followed her lead.  Let’s hope the same thing happens here and that the USA follows the lead of the UK.  We need to banish globalism and protect our borders and our identity. 

Obama has done anything and everything to try and destroy our country.  He’s getting more brash and obvious with each passing day.  Let’s just hope his open borders policy doesn’t bring enough illegals to vote on Election Day with no voter IDs.  I fear this is exactly the strategy they plan to use in targeting swing states. 

We are teetering on the edge.  Hopefully, we can preserve what we have and then build upon our success by dismantling the mess created by the Obama administration. I’m just counting down the days before the worst president in our history is out and we can say a good old Adios!

Let’s just hope Hillary is out, too!

For now—Happy Brexit!