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December 11th, 2015

Anniversaries are everywhere it seems.  I know it’s the Christmas season so that’s the focus of most people, but it’s also anniversary time for me.

For starters, tomorrow is the anniversary of the Lufthansa Heist which in case you’ve been living under a rock is a big plot line in the movie Goodfellas.  Thieves made off with five million dollars.  There’s even been big news recently in the case with the acquittal of Vincent Asaro.  Prosecutors failed to pin the 1978 robbery on him, and everyone seems happy about it.  Throughout the process, Asaro thought he was a victim (which means he has something in common with every defendant in American criminal history).  Interest in the case shows the continued fascination the public has with the mob and of course, Goodfellas.

Another anniversary is the 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra.  Lots of activities are planned to celebrate the occasion (too bad the birthday boy can’t be there).  Paul loves Sinatra so I’m sure we’ll mark the occasion with a toast of a shared favorite drink of his—Jack Daniels and water.

We’ll also be celebrating another anniversary.  Tomorrow night, Paul will be presenting the Barrymore Lifetime Achievement Award to the family of William Fox who founded Fox Studios at Fort Lee in 1915.  Last year, Paul won the same award. In fact, he received that award on the same night I won my Emmy Award—yet another anniversary. That’s yet another reason to celebrate.

And don’t forget of course that it’s the 25th anniversary of Goodfellas.  The popularity of the film never ceases to amaze me.

As anniversaries go, today is a big one.  It’s the second anniversary of the day Paul and I met on Fox News’ Cavuto show.  I found out then just how charming and persistent an Italian can be.  He never gave up and now we’re happily married.  Our first anniversary is December 27th. As anniversaries go, that will be a very special day.

This weekend will be especially full of anniversary events, but that’s the way we like it.  I thought a happy Friday blog would be a great way to kick off all the celebrations.

So you’ll know where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing this weekend.  Polishing my Emmy as I drink Jack Daniels and water while listening to Sinatra as my movie star husband gives an award celebrating Fox Studios (and for us anything associated with Fox is worth honoring) seems like the perfect weekend.  Naturally, I’ll enjoy some Italian food and hear people’s favorite lines from Goodfellas.

Yeah, life is good—just don’t go buy that pink Cadillac, fur coat and shine box yet!

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