Happy 27th Birthday on the Opening Day of ObamaCare Exchanges!

October 1st, 2013

For those of you born October 1, 1986, a very Happy Birthday!

While 27-years-old isn’t typically considered a milestone birthday, it certainly is this year since today marks the opening of the ObamaCare exchanges.  It’s also the day you will no longer be eligible to remain on your parent’s insurance plans.

Funny how times change.

When I was 25-years-old I began practicing law. I can only imagine what my clients would have said if I’d still been on my parents’ insurance policy.  My parents probably would have thought that was even more odd since my mother had two of her three children before her 26th birthday.

Trust me, I’m not faulting you for this unfortunate state of affairs.  The economy is terrible and a college degree doesn’t guarantee a good job upon graduation. On top of that, to get that degree, you probably incurred enormous student loan debt you’ll be paying back for most of your adult lives.

I genuinely sympathize with your plight, so if you’ve been forced to stay on your parents’ insurance until yesterday, I’m not casting aspersions.

Unfortunately, today the government that stands in your way of moving forward with your lives and careers is further impeding your future by mandating that you begin doing your “fair share” as a citizen by purchasing health insurance.

Remember that phrase from the last election–“fair share”? Oh, you thought that just applied to one-percenters paying over half their income in federal and state income taxes.

Sorry to break it to you, but it actually applies to you, too.

You see, you’re the key to making ObamaCare work.  Sure, you’ll need to pay for more expensive health insurance than you might have obtained B.O. (Before ObamaCare), and it will be mandatory lest you pay a fine, but you’re the key to the whole system working.  Without your healthy young bodies paying those monthly premiums and deductibles, ObamaCare collapses like a house of cards.

In paying for insurance at a cost higher than it might be otherwise, you are simply paying your “fair share.”

On behalf of my generation, thank you.  Many of us ate far too many Quarter Pounders with Cheese and spent an inordinate amount of time “glued to the television” (which was a big expression back in the day) for our own good. Now damage has been done.  Your contribution will help us clean up our health mess at your expense.

Please try and enjoy the day.

Here’s a piece of advice, though, if you choose to do your “civic duty” and sign up for ObamaCare today.

Try to remain calm and keep a sense of humor.  You certainly don’t want all the “glitches” of the ObamaCare exchanges ruining your special day.

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