Halloween Costume Choices Witch or Sexy Kitten No Choice at All

October 2nd, 2015

An article written by Julie Gunlock on Page 6 of the New York Post this week got me thinking about Halloween costumes.

In the piece, she notes the large selection of sexy Halloween costumes—for little girls! For me, this instantly conjures us a scene from Sex and the City where Miranda is searching for a Halloween costume and her choices are witch or sexy kitten.  In response, Carrie Bradshaw exclaims, “You just said a mouthful sister!”

At the time, it seemed like a generalization and besides, she appeared to be shopping at a CVS Pharmacy where the selection is limited.  The Page 6 article focuses on Party City, a store that should be the ultimate one stop shop for Halloween attire.  You should walk out of Party City with everything you need to be Minnie Mouse or your favorite superhero.

I’ve always loved Halloween.  Coming up with the costume is one of the best parts of that annual event. For me, it’s a fun annual project.  And it’s not just for kids.  Halloween parties are great and as adults you can dress as anything you want which really allows for a lot of creativity.  At adult Halloween parties, you literally see anything and everything.  Silly, sexy, scary.  You name it.

Children’s costumes can also be fun.  For kids, silly and scary work well.  Sexy actually is a little creepy which is why the selection of available sexy kids costumes should be limited at best.  Now I’m a good capitalist, so I wouldn’t put an outright ban on sexy kids’ costumes. But can’t those costumes wait for a while?

I always wanted to learn to sew, and I love walking through the garment district in New York City.  It’s wonderful hearing stories from people there about the bustling place it used to be when clothes of all kinds were made.  It’s too bad that’s faded away to cheap cookie cutter patterns sewn in some country across the globe.

Just because our daily attire is going the mass production route doesn’t mean the art of sewing and creating needs to die.  Halloween costumes provide the perfect venue for keeping the art alive.

Wouldn’t it be great if every year you could look forward to the fun of planning and creating an awesome Halloween costume?  Accessories can be purchased almost anywhere, so with thought and planning a complete costume could come together with little effort.

If you’d rather walk across hot coals than sew (or if the person wearing your creation would rather walk across hot coals than be seen with what you made them) then perhaps finding a good seamstress to make your vision a reality is the way to go.

Either way, the experience of working together with your child to create a one of a kind Halloween costume will be memorable for both of you.  It will also help stop the barrage of sexy costumes for little girls out there.  And who knows?  Maybe the experience will not only shield them from lame lusty outfits too early while encouraging a career in creativity.  You may just set the stage for the next Donna Karan or Tom Ford.

So try the homemade route.  It will make Halloween more memorable and maybe even increase your child’s chances of walking away with a Best Costume prize.  Why buy a cheap Chinese made costume in bad taste when you can create a unique pirate, princess, or superhero?  Give it a whirl and create some magic.

Halloween is a few weeks away so there’s still time to make something terrific.

Happy Halloween, and let me know what you plan to be this year!


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