Guns Should Always Be With the Military

July 17th, 2015

Yesterday’s tragic murder of four American heroes at the hand of a sick terrorist was startling and sad.  These four Marines lost their lives to a slimeball.  Guess what, folks?  Thanks to open borders and being seen as weak, we’re vulnerable to all sorts of evil people.  That’s bad enough but not allowing guns for protection makes the situation even worse.

America—we have a problem.

We must honor these four slain Marines by making a change.  In the early 1990’s, Bill Clinton signed an order forbidding members of the military with few exceptions from carrying weapons at military facilities.  As a result, the four brave people who died yesterday stood helpless against their attacker.  That’s outrageous.

I believe there should be no gun free zones anywhere.  It’s insane and only serves to make some of the most vulnerable among us targets of terrorists and every other bad guy out there.  Even the most liberal person should agree that members of the military who are the most highly trained to handle firearms should be able to protect themselves.  They serve our country.  The least we can offer in return is a means of protecting themselves against senseless violence.

Our country has gone so far to the left that we’re actually unsafe.  Our enemies know this and if we don’t change course soon there will be no turning back.  Experts daily warn against all the threats out there and yet Obama and his fellow liberals continue to push for gun control at every turn.  They are more concerned with political correctness (e.g., Obama still can’t bring himself to use the word “terrorist”) than employing common sense solutions to thwart the dangers we face.

They even try to water down what we’re dealing with by immediately calling violent acts as what we saw yesterday “domestic” terrorism or random lone wolf actions as if the person firing the gun simply went nuts one day.  Now they’re even trying to spin the idea that small town activities are to blame.  Nice try but small town gun advocates are not the problem, they are part of the solution.

Americans and especially members of the military should have guns to protect themselves.  Wake up America.  It’s time to act.

Let’s not let these lives go without honoring their sacrifice and service.  The murders of nine parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina, led to the removal of the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds.  Why not honor the four slain Marines with a policy eliminating gun free zones from military facilities?

These fallen heroes should be remembered as the catalyst for changing a bad policy.   Let’s not let these lives go without honoring them for their service. This should include changing this policy for the better by allowing their fellow Americans serving in the military to protect themselves from the enemy since clearly the enemy is here and they won’t stop.

We need to elect a president and elected officials who are strong and not weak on the subject.  We are now seen around the world as vulnerable, and that’s dangerous.  There is peace through strength and war through weakness.

Let’s be strong like these brave Marines who fell yesterday and honor their memory.  Let’s have something productive come from these horrible murders.  And let’s thank all brave men and women for their service in helping love and protect our country.

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