Grover is Soo Over!

November 28th, 2012

Personally, I’m thrilled that the Grover Norquist Era is coming to an end.

I’ve always thought it makes the GOP sound weird–signing a pledge to a dude named Grover.

I’m not even sure how you make a pledge to Grover.  Does anyone know?  Do you recite a pledge to a flag with Grover’s face on it?  Is there a secret ceremony where you prick your finger and sign the pledge in blood?  Where is the pledge anyway?  Library of Congress?  National Archives?  Grover’s garage?

The idea behind the “pledge” is good.  We should elect individuals committed to keeping taxes low and spending under control.  But we should elect these people because we believe they’re sincere and capable of making this happen and not because some guy named Grover is threatening to gather an army to find a way to defeat them in a primary if they have the nerve to go against something Grover doesn’t like.

No single individual should wield that kind of power, and he’s been doing this since 1986.  We should expect elected officials to be responsible in their decisions, and as voters, we should pay enough attention to what they’re doing that we hold them accountable ourselves when we see something we don’t like.

Maybe once in U.S. history, these kinds of pledges were necessary.  I have my doubts, but let’s just say it was that way once.  Well, it’s not anymore.

Grover and his pledge is kind of like that old suitcase you own without wheels that’s held together with duct tape.  You lug that thing around for years and then one day  a cool sleek backpack model with wheels catches your eye.  You know if you just traded in that old clunker for the new model, you’d be able to maneuver and get around easier.

It’s time for GOP elected officials to buy the new model. . . it’s time for Grover’s pledge to go.



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    Agreed. Sounds more aligned with the shenanigans that the current WH Administration pulls off in good ole’ fashioned Chicago thug style. “You’re either with me or against me.” Is it such a reach to want a democratically elected official to present a proposal in a democratic manner (“read & vote yay or nay”) without all the grandstanding and fluffing of peacock feathers?

    I’m with you, Dee. Time for some “newer models” (leaders) to move up to the forefront for the GOP. Any takers?

    (Oh, and our website – Project: PATROIT – is under construction.)

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    To an extent I agree with but your youth is showing. There is a political history here of politicians making promises and not keeping them and a lazy electorate not paying attention until outrage time begins. That history began with Prop 13 in California. Grover holds politicians feet to the fire. We actually need more people doing just that. You might change your mind about Grover and others as you watch Boehner cave once again to Obama. Boehner received the leadership position due to Tea Party electing a majority on fiscal responsibility. Tea Party is an army of proverbial Grover’s.

    I can think of a lot of other criticisms to hurl at Grover. Grover is doing what more Americans need to do. Stand up and fight. Grover knows that in the end you win some and you lose some.

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    Romney will keep take advantage of white scapegoating the poor, the black, the aged, women, etc. As Napoleon said, religion will be the only detail that retains the poor from murdering the rich