GOP Wins Big and Obama is Over

November 5th, 2014


The Republicans just destroyed the Democrats. Watching the returns last night was like tuning in to see your favorite team win the Super Bowl or the World Series only it was better because no sooner had you toasted one big win than another was on its way.

Yesterday’s election results are really no big surprise.  I’ve been saying for years that Obama is the worst president in American history and now it appears that my fellow Americans agree. While it’s nice to point that out and feel smart and smug about being right, the really good news in all of this is now we have a chance to do something about the disaster that’s been unfolding before our eyes these past six years.

First, we have the right people in place to make much needed changes and the best news is that many of them are women.  My personal favorite is Joni Ernst, the Senator-elect from Iowa (has a nice ring to it), who began her campaign by pointing out her skill at castrating pigs. She is a very smart woman and someone who doesn’t waiver in her conservatism. In the House, we now have Mia Love, a Black Republican from Utah and Elise Stefanik of New York who is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. So much for the Democrats’ stupid war on women.  If they really believe there’s a Republican war on women, I dare them to take on Ernst, Love, and Stefanik for starters and see how they fare. My money is on any woman who can castrate anything.

For me, the biggest relief of the night came in the governors’ races.  I was pleased to see Scott Walker win again in Wisconsin, but I was enormously relieved that Rick Scott won in Florida.  Now evil Charlie Crist, straight out of Disney villain central casting, can go back to his mirror, mirror on the wall where he’s most comfortable (provided he has his fan of course).

The biggest surprises were in the gubernatorial races in Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts.  Who knew these three states would ever again elect a Republican given their propensity for choosing candidates who would probably fare equally as well running for president of Venezuela.

Our country does indeed now have a better chance to get back on track.  With strong Republican leadership we can shine with our American exceptionalism and thwart the efforts of a president who has proven himself to clearly be anti-business and anti-capitalism.

Over the last six years, we’ve seen an administration that treats illegal aliens better than war veterans and whose policies are destroying our healthcare system and making us a mockery abroad.  Last night, Americans finally revolted and demanded that Obama end the experiment in change he’s been conducting since taking office.

I’m so proud of my fellow Americans for taking the first step towards reversing the awful course we’ve been on.  With an amazing new team of patriots and without the roadblock to success (i.e., Harry Reid), we now have the opportunity to move forward in a meaningful way.

It won’t be easy.  We’ll also need to begin vetting our presidential candidate for 2016.  We’ll need to move quickly with this in order to offer ourselves the best opportunity for victory in winning back the White House.

Let’s bring back the hope and prosperity of the greatest nation of the world.  Let’s each do our part to make this happen. We now have strong leadership and unity.  America is depending on our success.  Let’s go for it!




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  1. Donna Deer
    Posted Nov 06 2014 at 9:43 am | Permalink

    Yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! For America and AMERICANS!!! Hopefully we are on the right track and stay there as well. This was a GREAT victory for anyone and everyone with a heart and soul. It pooh poohed the way the Demoncraps have been pushing and shoving this great country for the last 50 years, the last 6 years in particular. Now, we need to INSIST on a total repeal of Obamadontcare and illegal immigration reform. Our immigration laws are perfectly fine the way the Founding Fathers wrote them!
    It was such a pleasure waking up yesterday knowing those minions of OBOLO were crying in their beer ALL NIGHT LONG and in total denial, as the shock and strain showed on their faces and their puffy eyes, lolol. NOT SORRY TO GLOAT!
    Here’s to an interesting next 2 years as we watch a ‘HOPEfully’ demoncrapic meltdown !!!
    Love your posts and Red Girl Salon!