GOP–Forget the Grand and Old–Let’s Go Party!

November 12th, 2012

I hate to say it, but I will.  The Grand OLD Party is soooo over!  As far as I’m concerned, the GOP has been a party run by too many rich old fat white guys for too long.  It’s time for a revolution from within–kick out those in leadership who don’t get that we need to be more welcoming and actively promote our stars who aren’t in the rich old fat white guy club.  It’s no secret that over the past twenty years or so, the GOP has been the party that promotes the person who paid his dues or who is simply next in line to be the standard-bearer for the party.  That’s how Bob Dole, John McCain, and now Mitt Romney became our nominees and they all lost!

Let’s push the refresh button and choose a young bright star to lead our party.  My pick (if it had to be today) is Senator Marco Rubio.  It’s not too early to start planning for the next election.  The Democrats certainly didn’t wait after their 2008 election victory.  No sooner had the last voter left the booth than they set to work building a ground game for the next election, and it worked.  They kicked our butts in Social Media (well not me–I can match all my Democrat friends on Twitter and Facebook hands down).  They also understood the old Tip O’Neill adage that “all politics is local” by going into ALL neighborhoods and mining for every vote they could find.

In order to win in the future, the GOP needs to come to grips with the fact that being socially and culturally engaged is crucial.  Those of us involved with politics will almost always vote for the party, but the average person will usually vote for the candidate they believe connects with and understands them at a more personal level.  That’s exactly what happened in this election.  Let’s face it.  Obama has failed miserably as President the last four years.  What he did successfully, however, is connect with independents, women, and Latinos who gave him a pass on his poor record because they thought he cared more about them than Romney who was painted as an out of touch plutocrat.

There are some in the old guard of the Republican Party who think we just need to double down now.  In my opinion, they’re wrong.  We won’t survive unless we understand how to connect with more Americans.  If we don’t begin doing that, we’ll go the way of the Whig Party.  In other words, we’ll be a DEAD party.

We lost in a big way with just about everyone other than rich old white guys.  The time is now to lower the barricades, take down the velvet rope line, and make the VIP room into a dance floor.  The country club mentality is old, stale, and wrong.

Let’s enjoy the holidays–think about what’s important–then get the Great Opportunity Party started!



  1. Michael Guy
    Posted Nov 20 2012 at 2:46 am | Permalink

    I have to admit that I am puzzled by this post. Velvet ropes? Barricades? Did I go through the wrong door? The GOP shed those decades ago. I distinctly remember the GOP being SO inclusive during the first Bush that the party was standing a real risk of losing it’s identity. Do I need to remind people of what the word “RINO” means? The party does have a problem..and it does come from the leadership of the party. I will agree with that..but being inclusive is not our challenge. There seems to be a push right now to become more moderate as a party. Those crazy Christians and Tea Partiers are killing the GOP they say. We need to put them in line they say. And that thought could not be more wrong. The moderates are what is killing the GOP. Each time a moderate is put up, he loses. Dole ran as a moderate..and lost. McCain was so moderate that there were some who thought he might actually jump party..and he lost. Bush turned out to be a moderate but he won running as a conservative. I still remember the whispers about this Cowboy ..and a tingle in the air. People expected him to be far more conservative than he was. Romney was a moderate..and he lost. Now let’s look back..not 20 years…let’s look back 2 years. The GOP won big. More important, conservatives won big. There were conservative candidates on the tickets all over the country and they won big. There was a massive lesson there. And the GOP failed to learn it for 2012. People have become so hungry for a conservative voice that they banded together into the Tea Party. It should have been a real warning sign to the GOP that these people felt so ignored by the party they should be residing in that they went off on their own. The GOP should have recognized that these people have something that has been lost in the mainstream party. That is passion. And rather than harness that passion and use as the engine to victory in 2012, the party leaders felt threatened and decided to outflank any other presidential candidates with “Their Guy”. So now here we site…facing another 4 years of Obamanomics. As a strong conservative, I take great offense to the idea that the moderate guy, the guy who the leadership wanted, running the way that they wanted him to run…and not winning is somehow my fault. One thing is clear from this election. The mantra we have heard for decades is wrong today..if it ever was right. Romney proved you can take a larger portion of undecided independents and still loose. The GOP leadership is going to have to come to the hard realization that they can not get any more votes by going further left. Those votes are spoken for and I suspect the Democrats are not going to give them up easily. There is a massive field of votes that can be claimed however on the right. And the only thing that the party needs to do is present an honestly impassioned person to speak to these people. To simply put up a candidate that will occasionally, and with some embarrassment on his face, give lip service to these ideas is not going to work. These people are not idiots and will never fall for that. Obama lost 8 million votes. Had we energized our people on the right with this simple technique, the GOP would have won. Now I get it. What I am saying is scary to a politician. They see all sorts of risk. The thing is however…their ideas are not working…this has not been tried in a while…it did work when it was tried last….and if it can not work today, we are already fighting over a corpse.

  2. Posted Dec 12 2012 at 4:04 pm | Permalink

    I understand the sentiment because I am frustrated and I am reading this same frustration all over the web. Problem is the very principles that are embedded in the GOP were created by rich old white guys. So it a natural to attract rich old white guys. It looks like a middle aged black guy by the name of JC Watts is going for the chairmanship so that doesn’t fit the rich old white guy narrative either. I’m a lifelong GOP’er that has worked many a campaign but I’m not even a guy or rich, but I am half white.

    What the GOP seriously needs is some competence and a good PR campaign on every front. Anyone who thinks it is solely comprise of rich white guys is just lazy in their thinking.