GOP Couldn’t Write Democrats’ Playbook Any Better

November 26th, 2014

If Senator Chuck Schumer’s comments on the future of the Democrat Party yesterday at the National Press Club are any indication of the Democrats’ upcoming direction, I’m very excited.

Republicans couldn’t get any better news.

In describing the failings of the Democrats in passing the Affordable Care Act, Schumer shared his belief that Democrats must wholeheartedly embrace the moniker of “the pro-government party” in order to win going forward.  Specifically, he said, “In order to win in 2016, Democrats must embrace government; not run away from it.”

I’m certainly glad he believes that because if the rest of the party agrees, Republicans should do quite well.

The reason is simple.  Typically, in order to win an election, you have to run on something people genuinely believe is true.  Unless you are just a popular figure the people fall in love with because you’re . . . well . . . “you”. .  . odds of electoral success are pretty limited.

Clearly, that’s what happened in 2008.  A majority of Americans fell in love with Barack Obama only to realize later that he may not really have been up to the job.  The irony in Schumer’s comments is that they discovered Obama’s shortcomings mostly through his failed efforts to make big government work.

ObamaCare is just the most obvious example, but it certainly isn’t the only one.  For instance, many veterans know firsthand the problems inherent in big government solutions through their dealings with the Veterans Administration.  Conservatives know the dangers of big government authority and power thanks to Lois Lerner’s work at the IRS.  Companies across the country see what happens to their bottom line when EPA regulations become a line item cost on their corporate spreadsheets.

It’s simple.  If the Democrats want to run on big government perhaps they need to make big government work.  If they can then point to the amazing achievements of big government, surely the public will buy in and elect them.

And if there was ever an opportunity to show how great big government could be, surely it was during the Obama administration.  With total control of the federal government his first two years in office and Harry Reid in his back pocket since then, it is really rather shocking that Obama can’t now point to a single shining example of the wonders of big government.

Until now, he’s tried his level best to make that achievement his signature issue, ObamaCare.  Despite evidence to the contrary, he continually assures citizens that it’s either working or going to work.  The fact that they aren’t really buying this line is probably quite frustrating to him.  After all, the public is so “stupid” they’re supposed to believe something if he says it.

Clearly, government has a role in our society.  What we should strive for, however, is good government.  It should be well run and efficient.  It should serve the needs of the public and promote us all moving ahead rather than standing in our way as it often does. 

So if Democrats are really going to run on the wonders of big government in 2016, I’m not worried because if recent history is any indication, they have nothing to run on.

They would be better off discovering another star the public can fall in love with.

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