Go USA! Go USA! Oh Yeah—And Don’t Drink Un-American Coke

February 7th, 2014

Today is the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics so we should be honoring our American Olympians and cheering them on.  We all have great pride in Team USA and knowing that our country is the best in the world, we’re sure they’ll proudly represent us with great success at the Games.

Apparently, Coca-Cola doesn’t feel the same way.  I’ve been a lifelong Coke fan and would always choose Coke over Pepsi, but those days are officially over.

Why?  Well, Coke produced an ad for the Super Bowl with America the Beautiful being sung in different languages.  Really? How could Coke produce such an Un-American commercial especially right before the Olympics?  I am sorry, but we speak English in the United States.  America the Beautiful is a song written in English.  To sing it in anything but English is ugly and insulting.

It’s wonderful that we live in a country where immigrants historically came here from all parts of the world speaking a variety of languages and then melded into the great big beautiful country called the United States where we speak English!  All the cultural differences and traditions brought here are assimilated into something uniquely American and it includes speaking English.  This isn’t the Tower of Babel here.  It’s America.

I believe to alleviate this issue once and for all, English needs to be made the official language of this country. No government documents, driving tests, or any other official announcement should be written in anything but English. Doing so actually would help unify the country.  Ask the folks in other parts of the world where several different languages are spoken how that works out for them.  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s a “problem” they wrestle with to this day.

It’s getting really old that some businesses think it is politically correct or cool to pull this Un-American nonsense.  Recently, they’ve worked very hard to help dilute our heritage and history.  Changing the language is about as bad as it gets.  Imagine Coke trying to pull this stunt in any other country.  In fact, don’t bother because it never would happen.

Whoever came up with this idea at Coke should be fired. Coke should appreciate all the American business they’ve received all these years instead of ticking off a lot of red-blooded Americans.  Well, it’s a free country so they’re certainly welcome to produce bad ads, but they shouldn’t be surprised when bad ads yield bad results.

Personally, I think everyone should boycott Coke products in protest throughout the Olympics. As for me, I won’t drink another Coke until they formally apologize.

Let’s always put America first in every way.  We should cheer on Team USA, buy American, vote, speak English, and fly the American flag.  We need to secure our heritage and history.

So pop open a Pepsi and be a patriot.

Support Team USA and hope they kick some foreign butt.


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