Fun Fabulous Fallon is a Smart Move by NBC

April 3rd, 2013

I’m going to have a little tougher time watching David Letterman now.  With Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien as his main competition, it’s been easy for me. Letterman is a lot funnier than Leno.  In fact, I don’t think Leno is funny at all.  Having Jimmy Fallon take over The Tonight Show, I know where I’ll be tuning in.

I love late night television. I especially like the talk show format at night because it brings out the sharp dry humor that Letterman has mastered over the years. Granted, he’s become grumpier and more liberal as the years go by, but he’s still the king of late night.

I predict Jimmy Fallon will soon be the prince of late night television giving the other Jimmy, as in Jimmy Kimmel, a run for his money in that department.  Kimmel is very funny.  In fact, I think he’s actually funnier than Fallon, but now Fallon is the guy with the big show and the great history that goes with it.

Jimmy Fallon is not only funny, he’s also very cute and likeable.  Everyone loves those Capitol One commercials with the adorable baby.  They really wouldn’t work without Jimmy Fallon.

Something else great about the change is the move back from Burbank to New York City for The Tonight Show.  It is a welcome change.  New York is the media capital of the world.  Burbank? Really?  I actually went to a taping of The Tonight Show once, and I just thought it was weird to go to such a remote location to tape. New York is the perfect fit for the change.

I’m also happy that this transition is smoother than the last time NBC tried this. The whole Conan O’Brien thing was a disaster. It was clear then that Leno was being pushed into doing something he didn’t want to do, and I think it affected the whole thing.  Putting Leno in that crazy prime time slot clearly failed, but you always just kind of sensed that he was still waiting in the wings for a return.

This time, despite some of his comments in his opening monologue to the contrary these past few weeks, Leno is part of the process and he’s fine with the change.  He and Fallon are friendly, and it showed when they put together their duet sung to the tune of Tonight from West Side Story.  That was probably the smartest thing NBC has done in this whole thing because it showed a sense of unity that was lacking in the Conan fiasco.

I hope when Fallon takes over The Tonight Show I can get in.  I’ve seen some rather suspect audiences at these things in the past, so I think I can swing it at some point.  I just hope I don’t get in on Ugly Christmas Sweater Night.  With my luck, I’ll probably get picked to wear the ugly sweater known as Ugly Sweater Girl.

With all the bad television out there, especially those hideous Housewives from Hell shows, it’s nice to know that late night shows can always be counted on to provide solid entertainment.  Now, with Jimmy Fallon making it to the big time, it’s only going to get better.


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  1. Deana
    Posted Apr 04 2013 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    It’s a horrible move for NBC. Even other NBC people were mocking the move. You don’t kick out the number 1 guy in the ratings (and the demo ratings) out. Just one more in a series of horrible moves Comcast has made to make NBC the 5th place network.

    I think Leno is fine with the move because he knows he will have plenty of other offers. Fox affiliates have already said they’d take him. They didn’t want Conan but they want Leno.

    Leno should also get some respect on a political blog. Leno is about the only late night comic who will mock Democrats/Liberals. I stopped watching Letterman years ago. He stopped being funny and he’s just a mouthpiece for the DNC anymore. Letterman needs to be pushed out.

    Jimmy Kimmel is currently the best late night show. He and Chelsea Handler. NBC should have given Chelsea Leno’s time slot. She’d be alot than Jimmy Fallon.