For Donald Trump—It’s 1,237 or Romney

March 29th, 2016

I blogged about this long ago. Donald Trump needs to reach 1,237 delegates to secure the Republican nomination or he probably shouldn’t bother even showing up in Cleveland.

The powers that be are currently working against Mr. Trump blocking, pushing, and scouting for anti-Trump delegates. They’ll do anything and everything to stop the leader.  I told his folks long ago that the party bosses will try to take down his nomination by all means possible.  If there is a rule or political tactic they can use to bring him down, they will.

It’s simple.  Trump is a threat to their so-called power.  As a former RNC member who was once heavily involved in this sport, I saw this coming.  Trump is winning big with the masses.  If it all just came down to a popular vote, this would be a done deal.  Trump wins.

However, it’s not that easy.  Each state has its own way of choosing delegates and you need to be aware of all the rules.  They do it this way because it keeps the state political leadership relevant and in power.  In many states, they keep the path to becoming a delegate close to the vest or keep the process somewhat esoteric so the political bosses can choose their own.

Mr. Trump has finally chosen an insider to attempt to deflate the situation.  I only wish he’d done this earlier because while he has dominated the numbers lately at the ballot box, his actual delegate count is slowly being whittled away by those working together to block his nomination.

For example, California is a huge delegate rich state, and Ted Cruz has a very organized effort there to win delegates.  In fact, about half of Cruz’s effort currently is to win primaries and caucuses and the other half is to win delegates.  And there is something of a difference.

So now you have a candidate who is winning with a majority of the voters but clearly the establishment doesn’t care.  In fact, they’re organizing against him.  The tried very hard to make Marco Rubio the nominee but since he was pro-amnesty for so long, he was soundly rejected. Why do you suppose Trump destroyed Rubio in his own state? It’s all about amnesty.

And then there’s Cruz.  The establishment certainly doesn’t love or even like Cruz yet now they’re all pushing him.  Again, it’s anybody but Trump for them.  Cruz is just a roadblock. So is Kasich.

I think the goal here is to keep Trump a few votes shy of the magic number and then . . . drumroll please . . . bring in Mitt Romney as the ambassador to smooth over the wrinkles and repair the battle scars of the 2016 campaign.  There is only one problem with this plan.  Donald Trump has the support of the people and Romney didn’t even try to enter the contest.  He’s just the country club guy with the support of the powers that be.

Take it to the bank. This is the scenario if the naysayers are able to shave, steal, and stall to keep Donald Trump from getting to the big number.

I’m truly happy that Mr. Trump now has an inside guy working the delegate angle.  There is nothing more important right now.  Look at the BS in Louisiana where Trump won the majority of the votes but Cruz gets more delegates.  But hey, it’s Louisiana, that’s how they roll.  If they can cheat, they will.

I know many of the people in the block Trump movement which is why I know that the Trump team needs to be up to speed and quickly.  I just hope there hasn’t been too many tricky tactics done already to block the best most deserving candidate. He has the masses, but ultimately he needs the delegate numbers.

This is like the difference between the popular vote and the Electoral College in the general election.  Ironically, I was the featured Republican co-star in a documentary about the Electoral College.  I know full well that Trump can easily have the votes and yet still lose the ultimate prize.

Let’s hope Trump beats the elitist insiders trying to preserve their existence in order to keep the country club alive.  They don’t like Trump because he owns the club and will fire them if/when he wins.

Here’s to Trump whipping the modern day Whigs and reaching the all-important 1,237 number.  The future of the country depends on it.

Go Trump!

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