For April Fool’s Day—Top 9 Fools

April 1st, 2016

9.  The waitress who took a $200 tip from President Bush and then blamed him for 9/11.  That’s both foolish and false.

8.  Kanye West contemplating running for President.  I could expand why this is foolish, but isn’t it obvious?

7.  President Obama giving Iran a billion dollars to stop their nuclear program and then actually believing that they’ll do that.

6.  Hillary Clinton thinking “what difference does it make” when she puts a server in her house and erases a bunch of State Department emails.

5.  Any Republican who doesn’t believe that the GOP establishment is trying to block Donald Trump at every turn to keep him from getting the 1,237 delegates he needs to lock up the Republican nomination for president.  If successful, they’ll insert Mitt Romney as the nominee.

4.  Anyone who doesn’t cut garlic with a razor blade because as Ray Liotta so famously noted in Goodfellas, “It’s a very good system.”

3.  Mayor Bill De Blasio because he’s the court jester of city fools with some of the worst policies in NYC since David Dinkins was mayor.  At least the horse and carriage drivers wisely gave him the boot.

2.  All those people who did anything in a Jackass movie.  Shooting fireworks out of your booty makes you a certified fool for life.

1.  Ben Affleck, first for cheating on his wonderful wife with the babysitter and then taking a role where he has to stand next to the perfect Henry Cavil.  Holy Bummer Batman!