Donald Trump’s Art of the Win

April 21st, 2016

Today is a happy day with Donald Trump claiming a YUGE victory in the New York primary on Tuesday.  Everyone expected Trump to win, but he handily beat expectations by clobbering both Ted Cruz and John Kasich.  After the last vote was counted, Trump shut out Cruz completely and left Kasich with only a handful of delegates.

Cruz has admitted that the only path to the nomination for him now is via a contested convention.  It’s clear that Donald Trump will have the most delegates when convention time rolls around. I blogged before that if Trump doesn’t get the magic number of 1,237 delegates, he’ll need to make fast friends of lots of delegates if he’s going to win. Otherwise, he’ll lose on the first ballot only to have the powers that be create chaos and pick their own candidate on a second or subsequent ballots.

This latter scenario was much more likely prior to Tuesday’s victory.  At the same time, Trump called out the party bosses working against him and exposed their now not so secret plan.  It’s one thing for me to blog about it.  It’s quite another for Donald Trump to realize the scenario and then carpet bomb them until their hoped treachery is exposed—brilliant.

Decisive actions like these make clear why Donald Trump should be president.  He really does win.

Here’s a guy who’s never run before and yet he keeps winning the masses easily. When he sees a problem, he takes quick action to solve it.  So when he recognizes that his focus has been probably a little too much oriented towards getting elected in a democracy rather than a republic, he quickly pivots to stop party bosses from pulling a fast one. A few critics claim that Trump should have seen all this coming, but I believe you really have to give him a break.  After all, he’s new to this, and his campaign staff until very recently is quite small.

It’s clear that Donald Trump has gotten where he is today by shear strength of character and intelligence.  So while he may have been at a temporary disadvantage simply by not knowing all the antiquated rules of the convention process, he now has a crystal clear view of the situation and what needs to be done.

Remember that these party bosses want to hold onto their power and handing out plum delegate slots is one way to do that.  Each state is different and complicated which makes the task all the more difficult.  With that said, if Trump is going to play in the GOP arena, he certainly needs to know the rules.

Despite a few setbacks, Donald Trump is beating the system.  The battle is certainly far from over, but as things stand now it’s very likely that he’s snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. 

Trump’s recent moves only demonstrate further why he’s so good at the “art of the win.”  He is so smart and quick to learn, that he has the party elite licking their wounds. Their planned trickery at the convention was exposed in time for it to become a narrative that infuriated voters everywhere and caused them to raise their pitchforks and threaten to burn down the convention hall (not literally of course).

I’ve been a fan of Donald Trump for many years and endorsed him long ago as a great choice for president. Trump has charged on and made many so-called experts eat enough crow to make crows an endangered species.

Most of these pundits are just people who created their own companies (i.e., websites) and slapped the title “President’ in front of their name.  They rip Donald Trump up and down even though they’ve never really worked in politics or government.  And the old establishment salts?  They just can’t accept Donald Trump because they can’t control him.  Too bad and get used to it, folks.  The GOP party machine is about to get trumped.

It’s certainly not over yet.  As Trump gets closer to 1,237, the party elites will try even more furiously to stop him.  They keep bringing up the fact that Abraham Lincoln was running second to William H. Seward on the second ballot and then beat him on the third.  Well, Donald Trump is no Seward and Ted Cruz is no Lincoln.

The party elites opposing Trump are like cockroaches.  They do all their work in the dark and then scatter when the lights come on. Donald Trump has just brought the sunshine (along with the Orkin man for good measure) on this entire situation.  There is still a lot of work to do, but Donald Trump has more than earned his way to the GOP nomination.  Let’s hope his “art of the win” has slowed down the shenanigans enough to bring him across the finish line and make for an easy convention.

Keep it up, Mr. Trump!  The majority is with you.  Let’s just make sure the GOP monarchy is shut down by the Trump revolution.

Go Trump!

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