Donald Trump Puts America First—Why He’ll be Our Next President

August 17th, 2015

What a great weekend at the Iowa State Fair!  It was terrific seeing how well received Donald Trump was in that venue.  He was clearly the center of attention with even the Democrats on hand noting his presence.

By contrast, nobody cared about Hillary Clinton.  She is so over, along with Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham, and a good number of other presidential hopefuls.

It’s fun watching the so-called pundits put in their two cents about the Trump candidacy.  Most of them have never worked in government and have no idea what they’re even talking about to begin with.  That’s why it’s so interesting that they act absolutely amazed from week to week that Trump hasn’t burned out or imploded as they haughtily predict.

Yes, the media continues to salivate over the prospects of a Trump tragedy and ultimate demise, but they can’t stop covering his campaign.  That’s because in the television business it’s ratings, ratings, and more ratings.  So they predict his downfall while salivating over his every move.

Americans love Donald Trump.  I am proud to be one of his early supporters for the presidency.  Given his success on The Apprentice, it’s clear that many Americans support him in his various endeavors, but I’m one of the few that’s pushed his candidacy for president on television for the past four years.  Thankfully, he jumped into the contest just when America needs him.

Polling in double digits, Trump is enjoying a commanding lead which should only gain momentum as the public gets to know his position on the issues.

For example, this past weekend he issued a more detailed immigration policy which squarely puts Americans before illegals.  Yes, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  It’s the topic that resonates with the electorate and is the primary reason Trump rose so quickly in the polls.

These days American families can’t afford a pair of new shoes for their children to start school, but they have to pay the bill to educate and cover healthcare for illegal aliens.  It’s nuts, and Donald Trump will put an end to it.

This isn’t the only area where Mr. Trump pledges to put America first.  He also promises to stop China or any other country that tries to take advantage of the United States.

Trump has made it clear that he’ll put America first and everyone knows he really means what he says.  After the Socialist States of America Obama has tried to create the past few years, Americans are sick to death of the attitude that the United States is bad and too rich and must suffer to make amends for its success.  Sadly, this is a pathetic time crying out for a brave president.

Donald Trump is the person who can fill that void.

Others in the Republican field are trying to make an impression but they each pale by comparison.  Still, all the Republicans are superior to the alternative and many would make nice Cabinet officials in a Trump administration.  For example, Chris Christie would make an amazing Attorney General and Carly Fiorina would be a great Commerce Secretary.  Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz would also fit in nicely in the administration.

Republicans have a great bench, and Democrats have . . .  Hillary who?

We have an incredible opportunity to bring our country back to greatness.  As Mr. Trump says we can make America great again by voting for Donald Trump for President.