Detroit is a Dump—Doesn’t Deserve a Money Bump

July 31st, 2013

Detroit started as a little fur trading post for New France many years ago.

How appropriate.

France is out of vogue and slowly dying economically under the weight of its socialist policies.  Fur is no longer the hot commodity it used to be.  In fact, wearing fur could get you assaulted in some places.  Alas, Detroit itself is in worse shape than either France or fur.

The city is out of money and probably out of luck as far as making a comeback is concerned.  Once one of America’s most influential cities, it’s now a virtual wasteland with street lights that don’t work, buildings in shambles, and half its once large population gone.

It wasn’t bad luck that brought Detroit to such ruin.

It was bad government and bad business.  Particularly, it was bloated selfish unions that made that old adage “killing the goose that laid the golden egg” a reality.

While at the beginning of the movement, unions did many good things for workers, they are now largely to blame for the failure of Detroit.  The Motor City is now out of gas thanks to union thugs who through cajoling and corrupt bargains with Democrat politicians destroyed Detroit, the biggest municipality to file for bankruptcy in history.

There is some talk of the Feds bailing out this dilapidated disaster, but such an idea would amount to a colossal disaster.  Thankfully, even the Obama administration seems to recognize the foolishness of such a move.

The reason is simple.  Detroit isn’t the only city to find itself in such a predicament.  Chicago isn’t far behind.  A big reason is that most of these municipalities entered into pension arrangements with unions for municipal workers that they simply couldn’t afford.  If other big cities see Detroit bailed out, they’ll soon see the pure genius of filing for bankruptcy and standing in line with their hands out.  The country simply can’t afford this.

After the 2012 election, a member of the Detroit City Council famously stated that they had helped Obama out and now they wanted some payback in the form of bailout.  While some people were outraged by this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they made the request.  The tenor of the Obama administration has been all about getting something for nothing.  If you get in trouble, don’t worry.  The federal government will bail you out.

Fortunately, the entire country doesn’t think this way and locals in cities like Indianapolis, Austin, and Tampa, where the local government is basically well run don’t want to fork over taxpayer dollars to bail out every city that lived like they just won the lottery.

Unfortunately, there are bigger examples of Detroit’s failures out there.  The biggest one is Washington, D.C., where living large and handing out money like it grows on trees is becoming the norm. Surely, that can’t go on forever either.

Hopefully, a silver lining may be that Detroit’s demise will serve as a wakeup call to other local, state, and let’s hope federal government to stop the bleeding before the patient dies.

And what will happen to Detroit, once touted as the Paris of America?

Sadly, that city eventually may become nothing more than the site of an historical marker along the road with a message, “Don’t let this happen to you.”