Democrats Strategy for 2016—Bury Perry/Cut Christie

August 20th, 2014

Who could ever imagine that Rick Perry’s big news this week would be that he took one of the best mug shots ever photographed?

Welcome to the 2016 presidential campaign.

Perry might not have needed to stop by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office yesterday on his way to Sandy’s in Austin for a frozen custard with friends had he not reared his head as a possible threat to the presidential ambitions of Hillary Clinton or any of the other Democrat hopefuls ready to swoop in and take her place if she falls.  He’s also proven to be quite the thorn in President Obama’s side on immigration recently, so that clearly added to the possibility that he’d be the victim of a carefully orchestrated Democratic hit job.

Think about it.  Perry has been Governor or Texas for fourteen years.  In fact, he’s that state’s longest serving governor.  He’s not running for reelection so just a few short months remain in his distinguished term in office.  Does anyone seriously believe that he just now egregiously and criminally abused his power in office? If he was so inclined to do such a thing and behave in such a way, you’d think he would have done so many more times throughout the years. It just doesn’t add up. Instead, I have a sneaking suspicion that if he’d been out looking at retirement properties instead of visiting political events in Iowa and New Hampshire the past few months there would be no indictment.

Clearly the Democrats’ strategy is to bury Perry in so much bad press that it mutes his very strong statements on immigration and ends any presidential aspirations he might have.  The good news is that it’s a bad strategy, and it’s backfiring.  Many Democrats already realize this and are backing away.  Meanwhile, Perry is taking on hero status and I’m guessing raising lots of future campaign cash.  Texas is interesting.  Remember, Kay Bailey Hutchison was indicted, tried, and acquitted by another Travis County District Attorney and then she was elected U.S. Senator.

I’m the last one to want to give Democrats good advice, but I’d even have been happy to tell them had they asked me the stupidity of their plan.

To the American public, this looks very much like they support to the bitter end a drunk belligerent District Attorney whose job includes prosecuting ethics violations. It’s clear that the reason they did this is because they didn’t want a Republican replacing this person who is so inappropriate to remain in that position.  The implication of the indictment is that Governor Perry was playing politics.  If nothing else, it’s clear the Democrats were certainly doing just that (unless they really do believe that Democrats like Rosemary Lehmberg are the best they can offer in public office).

This strategy is nothing new.  They’ve used it against Chris Christie and Scott Walker.  In Walker’s case, the allegations were proven baseless but the implications are still there which they obviously hope will be enough to sink his reelection bid.  With Christie, they’ve had great help from the national media which immediately piled on the instant there was any hint of scandal.  As in Perry’s case, the whole thing appears to be blowing up in their faces.  Christie appears to be getting back on track as a popular and successful governor and presidential hopeful.

Democrats target their enemies, look for weaknesses, and find ways to go to court as a form of intimidation.  As long as they have members of the media and certain prosecutors to assist them, they’ll have some success.

While that may work in some cases, I don’t think it will work with Perry.  It appears to have only cast him as both a victim and a hero in many circles.

I was definitely no fan of Perry in the last election.  I thought he looked foolish in the debates.  But I fully support him now and what he’s doing on immigration.

So who’s next?  Will it be Rand Paul with some baseless medical malpractice case or Rick Santorum being sued by Vests R Us, or Mike Pence being indicted . . . nah . . . he’s too good to have a hit put on him.

Hopefully, everyone will see the Democrats lame attempt to wipe out all the strong GOP presidential candidates.

In the meantime, I’d bet the ranch that Rick Perry wins this rodeo (and looks very good doing it).

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