Democrats Remind Us That Academy Awards Ceremony just around the Corner

February 1st, 2017

In just a few short weeks, Hollywood will come together for the annual Academy Awards presentation. As a warm-up, Democrat leaders on Capitol Hill are sharing what they’ve learned from their supporters in Tinseltown.

Case in point is Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s tearful performance on Sunday as he decried President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration.

In response to the Schumer show, President Trump dubbed Schumer “Fake Tears Chuck Schumer” and later said, “I noticed Charles E. Schumer yesterday with fake tears.  I’m gonna ask him who is his acting coach because I know him very well.  I don’t see him as a crier.  If he is, he’s a different man.  There’s about a five percent chance that it was real, but I think they were fake tears.”

Now it’s wise that Trump didn’t declare himself one hundred percent certain that Schumer was being disingenuous because it’s possible that Schumer was sincere in his sentiments, but it’s also highly unlikely that his distaste for the President’s Executive Order brought him to tears.  Schumer has an extensive history in the public eye.  If his nature is to get teary-eyed and emotional about things he finds upsetting, you’d think we all would have seen that side of him by now. So far, I haven’t seen a montage of tearful Schumer moments on any of the cable news shows (including any from the awful days after 9/11), and you’d think they’d have found the tapes by now if any existed just to make President Trump look bad.

This isn’t to say that the Executive Order issuing the travel ban was perfect.  I practiced immigration law for many years and if they’d asked me I could have told them immediately to exclude green card holders and people holding special visas from the Order.  Still, this is a new administration and mistakes happen.

Unfortunately, this is likely how the Trump Administration will play out.  Clearly, Democrats are going to play on emotions and provide lots of drama with assistance from a very compliant press going forward. It appears they think this is their best strategy.  Respectfully debating the issue or thoughtfully considering and negotiating an alternative doesn’t seem to be in their repertoire right now. And as long as the press is so firmly in their corner, can you blame them?

Monday’s events provide yet another example of this.  Acting Attorney General Sally Yates publicly refused to carry out the Executive Order in court prompting President Trump to fire her. Immediately, the press declared this event the “Monday Night Massacre” in hopes of drawing a comparison with the Saturday Night Massacre of the Watergate era.

While catchy, the two events bear no similarity but for the fact that they involve personnel at the Department of Justice.  With most of President Trump’s nominees for his Cabinet unconfirmed, holdovers from the Obama Administration remain in place.  If any of them adopt Ms. Yates’ posture with respect to events in their departments, we may expect a “Tuesday Night Massacre,” “Wednesday Night Massacre,” and so on until every day of the week is covered in American history’s record of presidents firing insubordinate staff.

Drama seems to be the modus operandi of those seeking to thwart the Trump Administration right out of the gate.  Protests, crying, and no shows on crucial Senate confirmation committees seem to be the order (or disorder) of the day.

This is clearly no way to run a government, but it certainly is one way to undermine and attempt to destroy one.

If this was a movie, it likely wouldn’t have a happy ending, but it may just win an Oscar.

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