Democrat Debate—A Dud

October 14th, 2015

Anyone watching the Democrat debate last night (and yes CNN—it’s “Democrat” not “Democratic”) could see the stark difference between the GOP debates and this snore fest. Overall the Democrats appeared to be simply pontificating and badly. Lincoln Chafee was the Jim Gilmore of the group. Clearly, he shouldn’t have even been there often looking utterly befuddled by what was happening around him. Republicans everywhere should be thankful that someday he’ll die a Democrat (he started out in the GOP) since he’s quite frankly embarrassing and provides strong evidence for those who argue that just because you’re father was a politician doesn’t mean you should follow in his footsteps.

Seeing Martin O’Malley in action was like watching paint dry. I can see why he’s getting no traction. He has a decent resume if you’re in the market for a liberal Democrat, but he has all the charisma of a DMV employee explaining how to fill out a driver’s license application. Jim Webb was probably the most impressive of the group with solid policy points and a certain gravitas. Interestingly, after the debate one of CNN’s Democrat commentators said Webb was actually in the wrong debate. He sounded more like a Republican which is why I probably tended to agree with him more than the others. Webb was Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy. Given that, he should make a nice option for the ultimate GOP president when making appointments that cross over party lines.

Next there was Bernie Sanders who is just a nut. A self-proclaimed socialist, he’d make an excellent candidate for leader of Denmark (which he gave a shout out to during the debate), but he’s nowhere near the pulse of the American people. He’s clearly attracting attention because there are so few options for the Democrats. His campaign makes for an interesting joke, but it’s still a joke.

Then there is the queen herself, Hillary Clinton. She’s the heir apparent even though her poll numbers are weak. Fortunately for her, weak is the operative word in the Democrat field which is why she can win the nomination while being a sorry excuse for a candidate.

All the way around, the Democrats are just sorry debaters. Clearly, they are poor cousins to what the GOP has to offer. In fact, the GOP kiddie table has more to offer than this group.

The only hope the Democrats have of making their debates halfway interesting is for Joe Biden to enter the race. Sure Hillary can deliver the rhetoric, but it’s going to get tired pretty quickly if it’s always used against this group. Biden’s problem is that he’s running out of time. People don’t like indecisiveness, so Biden needs to make a decision fast if he wants to jump in.

Hillary’s biggest problem is that she doesn’t come across as likeable or sincere. She can get away with it among this crowd of losers, but it will probably hurt her when facing real competition. Sure she’s seasoned at making speeches and fundraising, but will that be enough?

Unless a Trojan horse of illegal aliens with California driver’s licenses and automatic voter identification cards rides into the electoral rescue of Democrats, the GOP should win the 2016 contest. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s out of the realm of possibilities for the Democrats to desperately take illegal community organizing to the next level if they feel they must. Illegal aliens are all about Democrat votes and sending them to states where just a few votes could make the difference might just be in their playbook. If you know how the Electoral College works, you know it’s possible.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. If last night’s debate is any indication, on an even and level playing field the GOP candidate should win the 2016 contest in a landslide.