Defund ObamaCare Because NOBODY Wants this Pain in the Ass!

September 20th, 2013

Wow!  The House of Representatives showed the courage to vote to defund ObamaCare despite all the naysayers who say it’s a politically bad move.

The fact is this vote reflects the will of the American people.  ObamaCare is almost as depressing as the Great Depression.  Businesses left and right are cutting jobs from full-time hours to part-time hours to fit the law’s requirements while trying to maintain a manageable bottom line.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration keeps delaying implementation of various parts of the law because they’re worried about how the law will affect the midterm elections. The elements of the law are so unpopular that even Congress doesn’t want to abide by them, and the line to get a waiver from the law stretched end to end would run across the U.S. from Canada to Mexico.

The worst of the Waiver Queens are the unions who fought hard for passage of the law but now want a waiver from it.  I have news for them.  This isn’t a caste system.  If unions don’t have to comply with this horrible law, the rest of the country shouldn’t have to either.

It’s a very good move for the House to throw down and say it just isn’t workable and that it’s bad for America.

The kicker to this whole mess is the actual name of this ridiculous law.  It’s called the Affordable Care Act but it’s proving to be anything but affordable.  Even when the Democrats try to tout it in a positive light they’ll note, for example, that the increase in premiums aren’t as high as projected.  Oh good—costs are skyrocketing but just not as much as the people who really don’t like this law thought they would.

My favorite is the projections for young people.  They are really about to get screwed.  Nobody is even trying to argue that what they’re going to pay is anything close to “affordable.”  The fact that few of them can find jobs certainly makes it worse.  Perhaps if this ill-conceived law went away jobs might actually open up for them.

Obviously, it will be a miracle if the Senate follows suit and agrees to defund the law.  Even if they do, it’s unlikely Obama would sign it.  After all, it’s his “signature” piece of legislation.  I’m guessing the Supreme Court was really proud of the Dred Scott decision, too, at least for a little while.  Eventually, it became very clear that Dred Scott was really bad decision.

Obama is the worst president ever, but he’s not stupid.  Does he really want to be associated with this awful law?  The same goes for the Senate.  Are they so full of pride that they can’t admit that they made a mistake and start over?

The crazy season in this whole law is October when everyone is thrown into the exchanges and is forced to sign up for healthcare.  That’s when it’s going to get really ugly.  This is just the beginning.  It will only get worse right up until the time the Democrats in the Senate are tossed out and two years later when we finally elect a Republican president who’ll end the madness.

It’s funny that Obama regards his signature achievement as healthcare since generally he’s done everything these past five years to make the country sick with a bad economy, bad healthcare, and bad foreign policy.

Let’s never again elect a community organizer with zero business or military experience to be President of the United States. In the meantime, let’s change the Senate and then the White House.  Otherwise, the country will remain chronically sick with little or no recovery at all.