Dee Dee and Paul’s Great Adventure (Part Two)

January 20th, 2015

We’re currently traveling through the beautiful state of Colorado.  Yesterday, we made a fairly seamless transfer to the Southwest Chief thanks to the wonderful staff in Chicago who assisted us in getting a second room.

Here's our view!

Here’s our view!

We now have a makeshift suite which is a great idea for anyone who wants to travel on a long train trip and who is accustomed to shopping at the Big & Tall Shop.

It’s all good now, but there has been one little “glitch” if you can call it that.  Initially, we couldn’t get the door open between the two rooms they gave us.  We contacted the conductor who told us we could get the door repaired when we arrived in Kansas City at 10pm.  That didn’t sit well with Paul since it was only 4pm, so he had an idea.  We went to the neighboring cabin and asked if they wouldn’t mind switching with us, and they kindly agreed.

At that point, we were feeling pretty good about our situation and rather proud of ourselves for working through a minor crisis.

That was until later in the evening when there was banging on the door.  I looked out the curtain and standing there was a guy in a bullet proof vest that read “Police” along with another guy. Evidently, the guy banging on the door was a DEA agent.

I opened the door and immediately the agent started politely hassling me (if there is such a thing). He asked for my identification and tickets and told me they needed to search our bags.  The agent even commented that one of our bags was one of the biggest he’d ever seen.  Maybe he thought we had a moonshine still or pot farm in there.  I don’t know. Finally, I told him I couldn’t consent to the search until he spoke to my husband.

Paul could hear the commotion, dressed quickly, and came barreling in the room demanding to know who they were and asking to see their badges.

It took them a minute, but imagine their surprise when they realized they were hassling one of the Goodfellas!  Needless to say, that search ended very quickly.

Great show on the Southwest Chief!

Great show on the Southwest Chief!

Immediately, the conductor and an attendant appeared.  My husband was understandably not very thrilled with the situation and let them know about it.  They were falling all over themselves apologizing, telling him that they had no control over these things, and that it was random.

Now remember, we didn’t originally have this room.  This room belonged to the people who kindly gave it up to us.  Had we not changed rooms, these people would have gotten the Welcome Wagon shakedown, not us.

That made it kind of interesting later when we saw them in the dining car.  At first, I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation but settled on sending a couple of drinks over to their table and thanking them for the entertainment.

I’m pleased to report, after all that drama, I slept like a baby.  Not so, my husband.  He’s a very light sleeper so he had another restless night.  I’m absolutely certain he’ll view his own bed with newfound appreciation when we arrive home.

While a few things have been a little crazy, we’ve also had some nice experiences.  For instance, this morning after breakfast we went to the observation deck to enjoy the scenery.  A woman was playing the guitar.  Paul is a great singer and ever the entertainer so he sang a few songs which the other passengers really enjoyed.

We’re now back in our own “suite,” and I imagine we’ll stay put for the remainder of the trip unless there’s a train robbery or something (at the rate we’re going you never know).

We still have a good part of the journey left, so stay tuned for more LOCO-MOTION!