Colin Kaeperdick is a Jerko

August 31st, 2016

No doubt the First Amendment gives us the right to free speech.  San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick (more recently Kaeperdick) recently decided to sit during the National Anthem.  He claims his reason for doing this is black oppression.

Really?  Coming from a guy who is half black and half white and who makes lots of money living the American Dream, his argument really doesn’t pass the smell test.

Since his dramatic little act, he’s enraged many but also received some support.  As an American, naturally I support his right to do what he wants.  Hey, it’s a free country.  But I will NEVER support him personally.  If he hates our country so much then why doesn’t he try moving and see how he manages leaving his fabulous NFL life?

We all can and will exercise our right to say that Kaeperdick is a disgraceful ingrate.  Go ahead and embarrass yourself.  Even K-Dick’s birth mother is calling him out on Twitter for embarrassing her in front of the nation.  Sure Colin, go ahead and be an anti-American guy bashing the country that has afforded you every opportunity imaginable.

Go ahead and be unpatriotic for some cause that frankly isn’t even related.

Go ahead and make yourself one of the most detested people in America.

Kaeperdick does have some supporters out there including John Legend who said that the Star Spangled Banner is weak.  That’s a disappointment, and I certainly will not be buying any more of his music.  Hey—it’s a free country.  And who cares anyway?  You think 100 years from now anyone will be singing a John Legend song?  What about the Star Spangled Banner?

Case closed.

We should have no apologies for being the best country in the world where people have the freedom to say whatever they wish.

Personally, I’m not going to let some second rate (pretty washed up) NFL football star make me feel bad for anything.  I just feel good that most everyone out there is calling foul on him today.


The silver lining on this entire episode is that it makes Americans come together when someone is acting like the battlefield enemy instead of a successful athlete.

Oh say can you see you are an ass—Jackass?

Now I think I’ll go wave the flag today and thank a veteran.