Cinderella & Belle vs. Fat Frieda & Big Bertha—Disney is the Winner

February 6th, 2014

Some people evidently are pushing the idea that Disney should quit having all their princesses be thin and beautiful.  What’s the deal?  Is this new crusade being pushed by fat feminists or just influenced by them?  Or is this generally just a new effort by overweight people to somehow feel better about themselves?

Who exactly are these people so determined to lower the bar and make “chubby” just fine?  Exactly who decides what it means to be “fine” anyway?  In this case, “fine” is determined by a mega mega million dollar company that figured out that in order to sell more princess paraphernalia, the princess in question should be thin and pretty.  In my opinion, that’s good.  Aim high!  Be smart and beautiful and run the kingdom someday.

So what is wrong with encouraging kids to embrace an imaginary land where beauty is everywhere?  In Disney World, princesses are thin and beautiful, and princes are strong, brave, and handsome?  What’s so wrong with that?

Disney World is a place kids go to have fun and feel like a Disney princess. I put the emphasis on “Disney” because, well let’s be real here, historically many real princesses haven’t been much to look at.  Google “Queen Victoria” and you’ll get some idea what I mean.  Watching the film The Young Victoria, however, you’d have no idea that the real Victoria probably would have considered Weight Watchers if it had been around back in her day.  No, the “Hollywood” Victoria in the film looks pretty darn good, and there is a reason for that.

Face it, no one likes a fat princess.  That’s just nuts.  So why push the idea that in a beautiful imaginary land princesses are fat? We should want kids to enjoy castles and rides and an ideal world when wishing upon a star.

It’s too bad that there are people out there who are trying to bring everyone down the buffet line with them instead of perhaps, aspiring to be a bit more like the ideal Disney princess and putting down the Taco Bell nachos and Big Gulp every once in a while.  Guess what?  Not only would these people look and feel better but likely they’d live longer, too.

This whole ridiculous push is sadly in line with a trend in this country to get everyone to believe that we should all be equal somehow.  First, it’s income redistribution, now its fat distribution.  What’s next, weigh-ins at school so the healthy thin kids have to eat chili dogs and milkshakes and wear baggy clothes so the fat kids feel better?

How about trying to motivate kids to look and feel their best by giving them something (even if imaginary and ideal) to shoot for? Why not inspire them to imagine being rich and beautiful?  Guess what?  Some of them will actually get there someday.  It’s the American way.  Or at least it has represented the American ideal up until now.  If we continue trying to glorify being fat and downtrodden I can only imagine where we’ll be in a couple of generations.

We should at least encourage kids to strive to be more like American Olympians, Disney princesses, and rich folks. That’s All-American.  Get kids to go for the gold, not the booby prize.  Put love, beauty, and success in the minds of the little tykes and let’s see where they can go.

Disney should be left alone to continue creating pretty princesses for little girls to enjoy and admire.  Let the Disney folks continue to enchant kids.  Otherwise, Disney just won’t be Disney anymore.

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