Christie is King! New Jersey Dems are Pawns

March 27th, 2014

I love to gloat when I’m right so I will.

As one of the few people to stand steadfastly behind Governor Chris Christie as the rest of the country engaged in a witch hunt against him over absolutely nonsense, I’m thrilled with the report coming out today from a reputable law firm finding that . . . wait for it . . . Governor Christie’s involvement in the entire bridge fiasco amounted to zip, zero, and most importantly, NADA!

Evidently, Governor Christie was no way involved in a conspiracy to be mean to the people of Fort Lee, New Jersey, by taking away lanes on the George Washington Bridge from them.  Quite frankly, after learning about the whole matter, I think that little town owns too many of the lanes on the bridge in the first place.  Who are they to hog that bridge?

All the endless attacks by New Jersey Democrats against Christie amount to nothing and the leaders of the attack pack are now made to look supremely foolish.  Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who allegedly wrote in her diary about Christie, looks especially silly.  Perhaps underneath it all she’s been engaging in a bit of a secret crush on the Governor.  Clearly, about the only thing that got crushed were New Jersey Democrats and their efforts to destroy Christie’s reputation and possible aspirations for higher office.

I love it.

New Jersey Democrats look absolutely ridiculous to the rest of the country.  They make Snookie look like a Rhodes Scholar, and I think we can all agree that’s no small feat. Most of these people appear to be big followers of Hillary Clinton which certainly can’t be helpful to her aspirations. Nothing like being admired by a bunch of nincompoops.

I’ll give them one thing.  They’ve certainly been persistent and done everything they could think of to destroy Christie’s reputation.  Since they couldn’t guarantee the bridge issue could bring him down, they also began a campaign attacking Christie for making a television ad after Hurricane Sandy lauding New Jersey and welcoming back tourists after the storm. Instead of praising his hard work to bring the state back after that disaster and acknowledging his courage in risking his own political neck with fellow Republicans to do that, New Jersey Democrats tried to destroy him.  But just like the bridge fiasco, this also made the whole bunch of them look seriously stupid.

You know what they say.  If you want to kill the king, you’d better take off his head and be sure he’s dead.  Last I checked, Christie is totally intact and now poised to be stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is considerably weaker. Besides the whole Benghazi disaster, pictures of her setting the “reset button” with Russia (albeit without any of her staff in the State Department having a clue how to write “reset” in Russian) will certainly make nice GOP mailers in the 2016 presidential campaign.

One thing I’m sure about Christie.  If he said there was a “red line” when it comes to Syria, he would have meant it.  If he were to warn Russia to stay out of Ukraine, they would likely have thought twice before going in lest Christie put Putin in a head lock and make him cry like a little girl.

Christie is the real deal.  He’s what’s best for New Jersey and soon he’ll have the opportunity to show he’s what’s best for America as well.

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