Chris Murphy’s Law—If Something More Can Go Wrong It Will

June 16th, 2016

It’s been a horrific week especially for Orlando, Florida.  So many tragic deaths in that city and most at the hands of an Islamic extremist.  So what does President Obama do in response?  He delivers one of his most pathetic speeches to date (and that’s really saying something since there have been quite a few over the past seven and a half years).

Here’s the theme of this latest speech.

Everything bad that’s happening is entirely our fault.

Basically, in his speech he said that the historic Orlando shooting is the fault of Americans.  That analysis belies the clear fact that it was an American hating Islamic extremist jerk who killed so many Americans at the Pulse nightclub.  Yes, he went to a gay bar to do it, but he also scoped out Disney to commit his crime, so I doubt his only motivation was hatred of gays.  In fact, there are reports that he may have even been gay himself.  Whatever the reason, it certainly wasn’t our fault.

Listening to Obama’s speech, it sounds like he’s coming a bit unhinged over any criticism of his policy for dealing with terrorism.  Basically, he went off against anyone who criticizes him for not using the phrase “radical Islamic extremism.”  Never once, however, did he explain how his painstaking failure to use that phrase once in all these years actually helps matters.  Then, after he finished his nutty speech about people yapping too much, Hillary Clinton felt compelled to utter the phrase.  Obama still refuses to say it leaving people on the left and right to debate his motives for avoiding it. Clinton only did it because Donald Trump forced the issue, and she was incredibly snarky in how she said it.  Her tone when the words finally did come out of her mouth was kind of reminiscent of her testimony on Benghazi, “What difference does it make?”

Last night other Democrats followed suit.  It’s time for the big diversion. They began by walking out of a moment of silence for the memories of those lost in Orlando in order to protest the lack of new gun control legislation.  Then last night, Senator Chis Murphy spent the equivalent of an all-nighter filibustering for more gun control laws.  All the while he acted like he’s the hero of the world.  He went on and on about how we shouldn’t have guns even though gun ownership is one of our best defenses against terrorists who are now in our country thanks to the lack of enforcement on our southern border and refugees coming into our country with murderous motives aimed at our way of life.

Murphy patted himself on the back so many times last night for being some kind of a martyr that it’s surprising he didn’t fall over.  Please . . . all he did was show his ability to endure standing up all night while distracting the country from Obama and Hillary’s big problem of letting people into the country who want us dead.  Like Obama, Murphy wants us to believe this all our fault.

Thankfully, there are only seven months left for the Obama administration.  On that score, January 20, 2017, can’t come quick enough.  But are we going to replace his nonsense with that of Hillary Clinton?

The jury is still out on that one.  She has legal problems that may soon surface in a big way which is why Bernie Sanders won’t get out of the race.

Murphy’s Law applies to Senator Murphy himself.  He’s Mr. Red Herring, the Distraction Dude.  This Murphy’s Law is slightly different than the original in that in this case if something more can go wrong, it will.

Let’s just hope that this is the only law that gets changed out of this completely disastrous week.

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