Chris Christie Stronger—Soon Dems May Just Want to Jump Off George Washington Bridge

January 16th, 2014

For a solid week, the mainstream media treated the American public to wall to wall coverage of the “Christie Scandal.”  No detail was too small to report and no analysis too ridiculous.  While reporters and pundits weren’t outright salivating over the opportunity to destroy Governor Christie, inwardly it was clear that’s what they were trying to do.

Conservatives in the Republican Party piled on as well in the only socially acceptable way they could.  They remained eerily silent on the matter.

Meanwhile, the American people seemed to care little about the entire affair.  Governor Christie’s poll numbers changed very little.  It just didn’t seem like a “scandal” that was going to resonate that much.  That’s not to say that there wasn’t potential there.  Everyone loathes sitting in traffic so presumably many would be outraged to find out that the big traffic jam they suffered through last September was orchestrated out of the Governor’s Office.  Sure, that would tick off some people.

Still, it’s not like anyone had their privacy invaded or discovered they were being targeted by the IRS for their beliefs.  What happened on the George Washington Bridge didn’t come anywhere close to those kinds of scandals.

Instead, a couple of senior officials in Christie’s office decided to close a couple of lanes used by the small town of Fort Lee.  Evidently, Fort Lee ordinarily gets to use these lanes and no one else does.  From what I understand, Fort Lee has too many traffic lanes at its disposal and it was thought that the rest of the travelling public should have access to them as well.  That’s the basis for the original argument that this was a traffic study.

Most importantly, though, Chris Christie appears to have had zero to do with any of it. Even if it was the case that he was remotely involved or somehow encouraged the practice, that’s not so unusual either.  Since the time of our founding, it’s been quite common for political officials to “help” those who help them and to be less helpful to those who don’t.  Clinton, Bush, Obama, and all the presidents who came before them have engaged in this practice. To indict Christie for such behavior would be to indict them as well.

While I don’t believe the bridge issue will hurt Christie (despite the clear hopes of all his political enemies), I believe it will actually help him.

For one thing, it clearly demonstrates how Christie handles problems.  He fixes them swiftly and shows strong leadership.  If Christie were president, rest assured that you’d never see the president of Iran sending out a tweet essentially spitting in our country’s face.  Christie would never make a horrible deal like Obama’s deal with Iran where we essentially get screwed.  He would never allow Putin to make us look weak, and he certainly wouldn’t leave four Americans to die helplessly in Libya.

This witch hunt will help Christie in the end.  Right now, his enemies are only piling on because they fear him.  They know he could beat Hillary Clinton.

My message to all his enemies?  Keep it up because by continuing this fight you’re only making him stronger and you’ll be even more likely to lose in the end.