Chris Christie is Mr. Wolf—He Solves Problems!

January 10th, 2014

Yesterday, Democrats and even some far right Republicans were salivating over Chris Christie’s problems with the now infamous traffic tie-ups on the George Washington Bridge several months ago.

Evidently, there was a political vendetta with the Fort Lee, New Jersey mayor, and as a result, a few Christie staffers decided to have a little fun.  What the staffers thought was fun got them fired, and it’s definitely believable.  Working for a powerful governor in a powerful position is . . . well . . . powerful.

The silver lining is that Christie seized on this opportunity to show the world that he is real leader.  Staffers screwed up and were appropriately fired immediately.  He apologized literally twenty times and accepted full responsibility.

That’s a refreshing change from the actions of two prominent Democrats in similarly unpleasant situations.  Look how pathetic Hillary Clinton was about Benghazi.  When challenged on her leadership, she became defensive and uttered the infamous, “What difference does it make?”  Well, when four Americans (including an ambassador) are murdered under your watch, that question isn’t really hard to answer.

Then there’s President Obama. He’s always initially upset about these sorts of things, but he never ultimately actually does anything.  Despite multiple staff failures, no one is ever fired or held to account for their actions.

Contrast this with Christie whose stock just went way up.  Can Christie handle Putin and other world leaders?  Absolutely.

Christie is like the character, Winston Wolf (aka Mr. Wolf) in the movie, Pulp Fiction.  Mr. Wolf is called in to “solve problems.” Even Christie’s harshest critics would be hard pressed to say that he won’t address problems head on.

A great example is yesterday’s marathon press conference.  He answered every question and when questions quit coming, he asked for more.  He took control and handled the problem.

In this case, Christie appears to be making lemons into lemonade.  He’s proving himself to be the sort of forthright leader that Hillary Clinton clearly is not.  This explains why Christie leads Clinton in polls today.  While the mainstream media jumped on the chance to hurt Christie’s chances in 2016, little did they know that they may have just provided him with a golden opportunity to bolster his case for the top job.

Chris Christie is impressive.  While the United States has dithered and sunk in international opinion under the “leadership” of Obama and Clinton, no one could seriously think that the same would be true of a Christie Administration.  Certainly, if Christie says there is a red line there will be one.

Other than his disastrous position on amnesty (which he needs to change before he runs or he won’t win the GOP nomination), Christie is exactly what we need for President.

Christie is big man on campus right now and only getting better.

Stay tuned for more problem solving from Governor Christie (aka Mr. Wolf).