Celebrate Earth Day by Approving the Keystone Pipeline

April 22nd, 2014

Today is Earth Day.

It’s the day we’re all supposed to think about Mother Earth and what we can do to make it better.

So let’s think about that.

First, we really need to be clear about what the goal is here.  I’ve met a few environmentalists who believe that we should do everything in our power to preserve the Earth even if it means the elimination of man from Earth.  Obviously, these are the extremists.

The funny thing about this group is that even they don’t practice what they preach because the truth is if they actually lived their beliefs you’d likely never hear from them.  For example, they wouldn’t ride any form of transit save a bicycle.  Even that would be dicey from a purist’s standpoint because except for mountains bikes, a bicycle needs a nice smooth surface to run on (i.e., a road).  Building a road causes all kinds of environmental havoc.

That’s just one challenge these people face.  There are countless others. Clearly, the only way they can avoid being hypocrites is by living by example and “enjoying” the livestyle of their cavemen forefathers.  If you know anyone already doing this, please let me know because I’d love to meet these people.

If we’re not going to outright eliminate mankind from the face of the Earth in order to preserve it, we’re going to have to find a way for Earth and man to coexist.  This is an enormous challenge.

For example, President Obama has essentially made it a top priority to put the coal industry out of business in this country.  This is despite the fact that it is an economical form of energy that’s invested a tremendous amount of time and money to develop methods for burning clean coal.  As it stands now, if Obama has his way, many people who rely on the coal industry will be forced to choose between starvation and moving elsewhere.

The same thing is happening in the Gulf of Mexico where Obama has negatively impacted deep water drilling.  Governor Bobby Jindal is fighting the battle to preserve this form of oil production since it brings jobs to his state and energy to the country.  Then there is fracking which likewise helps make our country more energy independent.  Imagine what we could tell the Russians and hostile oil producing countries in the Middle East if we increased oil production at home.  The geopolitical map of the world would change dramatically and for the better.

Instead, Obama puts every roadblock he can think of in the way of oil, natural gas, and coal production.  He does it to please his green donors.

What I’ve always wanted to ask these people is this question.

Why is it okay to drill oil in the Middle East and Russia but not here? They might say they disagree with that too, but it seems that as long as they stop it here they are quite satisfied. As a result, one part of the Earth is subject to more “environmental abuse” while another part of the planet (in our backyards) is spared.

Remember this is “Earth Day,” not “North American Continental Earth Day.”

Right now, environmentalists are fighting tooth and nail to stop the Keystone Pipeline which would move oil from Canada to Mexico.  It would bring thousands of jobs and has been cleared as environmentally friendly.  For political reasons, it would appear, the Obama administration continues to block it.

Let’s push once and for all to get this project going.  If it would please the liberal greenies, let’s pledge to plant trees and bushes along the pipeline.  In fact, we could make it an annual Earth Day event.  We could even call it the Earth Day Pipeline as a testament to how common sense economic energy activity can coexist with the environmentalism.

And one more thing.  Let’s put all those worthless Solyndra solar panels that Obama spent billions on to good use.  Let’s build sanctuaries for endangered species with them.  We could even use them to build retreats for environmentalists to gather.

Now that’s working together.

So far the green movement has done nothing but cost us lots of greenbacks.  Let’s reverse that trend by approving an environmentally friendly Keystone Pipeline.

It’s Earth Day.  Push the pipeline and plant a tree.  It will make the Earth a better place to live.

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