Celebrate Black History Month by Honoring Rock Stars like Charles Payne

February 28th, 2014

Yesterday, I was very hard on Spike Lee for his racist complaints about Whites moving into his old neighborhood, Fort Greene.  He made those comments during an event celebrating Black History Month.

That’s certainly no way to mark the occasion.

So let’s do it the right way by sharing the story of a Black American who gets it right all the time—Charles Payne of the Fox News Channel.

Charles is a huge up and coming Fox News star who appears quite often on the Fox Business Channel.  I’m guessing Charles works at least fifty hours a week and hosts or appears on every show Fox offers.

That’s not all.

Charles also owns his own business helping Americans invest in stocks that make them insane amounts of money.

His back story is compelling. As a kid, Charles moved from the Deep South to  Harlem.  The transition was anything but welcoming.  Initially, Charles was beaten up just about every day for not being part of the hood.  He had a very tough childhood with a single mother struggling to raise him.

Charles could have played the victim or pulled a Spike Lee blaming everyone else for his tough start and difficult circumstances.

But that’s just not Charles Payne.

Instead, he fought hard to succeed in high school despite incredible peer pressure to do just the opposite. After graduating, he joined the Air Force, became a Wall Street extraordinaire, and now is a television star.

Rather impressive and he’s just getting started.

Being so accomplished, you’d think Charles might go all Hollywood on everyone like lots of other people in the news business.  Not Charles.  He’s well-grounded and thankful for everything he has which is quite refreshing.

Everyone at Fox News loves Charles.  I’m privileged to call him my friend.

It gets better.

Try walking down a New York City street with Charles and you’ll soon be bombarded by throngs of fans coming up to meet him, taking pictures with him, and often seeking his wise counsel.

Charles is indeed special.  He rose from great adversity, but he never whines or complains.  It is truly inspiring and refreshing to meet someone so selfless, particularly in the television and finance world. He has no ego and lots of heart.

So let’s celebrate Black History Month by honoring someone like Charles Payne who served his country, honors his mother, and fulfills the American dream.

Find a rock star in the Black community to honor this month.  Mine is Charles Payne, a true gentleman, who by the way truly deserves his own show on Fox.

Call Fox News and tell them so.

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  1. E Ingram
    Posted Feb 28 2014 at 10:21 am | Permalink

    I agree, I have sent many emails and tweets that there should be a Charles Payne Show. He is by far the best host on FBN. He listens to his guest, doesn’t talk over every single sentence as is the habit of more than one Fox anchor.