Catcalling Forbidden in NYC and First Amendment Forgotten

April 16th, 2015

No kidding.  New York City is now boasting signs that say “No Catcall Zone” with stick figures of a man, a woman, and a cat.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I think New York City is the best city in the world for style, fashion, arts, and social fun.  Still, the overreach with political correctness and government control can be overwhelming sometimes.

A catcall free zone? Yeah, good luck with that.  What if I want to holler out to some good looking guy that I think he’s hot?  Well, I wouldn’t do it, of course, because I’m happily married, but if I was still single I’m not sure these stupid signs would stop me. I mean c’mon already, last I checked it’s still a free country.  I should be able to say whatever I want to on a city street.

Personally, I know a thing or two about this catcall business.  I’ve had to deal with my share of losers, jerks, catcallers, or whatever you want to call these idiots.

You know what I do?

I ignore them.  Especially in NYC, anybody who thinks putting up a sign works is nuts and actually probably will make the situation worse.  Sure, many women are annoyed by this behavior, but some actually like it.  In a twisted way, they think it’s flattering.  And then there are those women who wish they could drop enough weight to actually get the occasional catcall.

This is actually about more than catcalls.  It’s about the First Amendment.  If someone wants to stand out in the middle of the street and sing, we should let them.  If they want to make a catcall, they should be able to do that, too.

We are inching closer and closer to a country we soon won’t recognize.  Our history has always been about doing and saying pretty much what we want.  We’re now losing that.

Personally, I hate catcalling, but I really enjoy telling those jerks that if they do it again I’ll kick them in the balls.  That usually works well.

This sign thing is probably the work of some feminist group who thinks it furthers women’s rights.  Actually, it’s an insult to women.  It suggests that we can’t take care of ourselves, so the city has to put up some lame sign for us.  Really?  Women can’t handle a comment? And the city thinks some dumb sign will protect them?

New York City is getting more and more bizarre.  I doubt Mayor Rudy would have embarrassed himself with this sort of wasteful nonsense.

I mean really . . . if you’re going to go that route why not start things early and put signs up in grade school telling boys that if they pick on the girls they won’t get their milk and cookies.  Or maybe for the older guys, why don’t we just set up taser stations all over town where we tase loud mouthed men.  In the interest of equal protection, that probably also means we’d have to use the taser on the scantily clad women running around inciting these comments, too.

Just grow up and tell the catcalling loser to honk off.

In the meantime, be more concerned about the mentality of a city that has the gall to put up these signs in the first place.  Where do they get off forgetting about the First Amendment?

So go ahead you catcalling jerks.  But if you run into me know that you’ll be very sorry you did because I’ll tell you to @#%* off!

And that’s the right way to do this because it protects both your rights and mine.

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