Cartoonist Proves Libs Losing on Syrian Stance

November 20th, 2015

Well you know the libs are mad when they’re stooping to the level of cartoonist Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald.

Pett decided it would be a good idea to rip on Republican Governor-elect Matt Bevin and his children because he along with over half the governors in the country and a majority of Congress and the American public are concerned about Syrian refugees entering the country.

Simply stated, Pett attacked Bevin’s children to make a political point in a cartoon.


Bevin and his wife had six biological children. Their first sadly died in a car accident. After that, the big hearted couple adopted four more children from Ethiopia.

Armed with this basic information, Pett drew a cartoon showing Bevin cowering under his desk acting like he’s afraid of photographs on his desk when an aide tells him, “Sir, they’re not terrorists—they’re your own adopted kids.”

Now this is wrong on a number of levels and as a result the cartoonist is being rightly raked over the coals for it.

I love satirical political cartoons. In fact, many times I’ve marveled at the wit of Gary Varvel of the Indianapolis Star for his clever work. I don’t even mind when a cartoon makes me uncomfortable and crosses the line a bit. But children to me are strictly off limits. Period.

It’s hard having a parent in politics. Given that, I don’t like reading criticism of Obama’s daughters and how they dress. I thought it was unfair that Jenna Bush was constantly criticized for basically just being a teen. (Clearly, she got the last laugh, though, hosting the Today show). Chelsea Clinton took her fair share of unkind remarks as has Jeb Bush’s daughter for her past drug use. All these instances are wrong. Just leave the kids alone.

In Bevin’s case, what is happening to his children is particularly egregious. They’ve done nothing “wrong” but come from Ethiopia and this sick cartoonist thinks it’s funny to draw a cartoon showing their daddy afraid of them. Even depicting them in a cartoon equating them in any sense with terrorist is particularly horrible.

Obviously, petty Pett thought it would be funny to draw such a picture that would be around forever. These poor kids are little and just forming their opinions on life and here comes Pett invading their world because he believes it’s politically expedient for him to do so to make a point.

Meanwhile Bevin simply doesn’t believe it’s prudent to open the floodgates of Syrian refugees and for that Pett goes after him in the most personal way. Clearly, Pett is just a liberal who is angry that a Republican governor will be sworn in as the leader of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the first time in over forty years.

Well boo hoo. Get over it, Mr. Pett, and stop picking on innocent children simply because you can’t deal with reality.

Pett says the kids weren’t the target—just Bevin. Well, guess what? That doesn’t make any sense when the entire basis of the “joke” is the nationality of those kids. I guess he just thinks they’re the collateral damage of his political opinion. So what if these little kids get made fun of over Pett’s cartoon? News flash Pett—kids probably pay more attention to cartoons than adults and if one features kids they know it will be seen by everyone.

Maybe Pett thinks it’s all okay because he scored some points with his editors. After all, there is the school of thought that bad news is better than no news at all. In Pett’s case, with newspapers going under left and right, perhaps he just thought it would be great to go out with a bang. Regardless, this cartoonist just illustrates how petty liberals are when they’re losing.

I’ve always been proud to have been born in Kentucky and that my family’s roots are in such a beautiful state with majestic horses and excellent bourbon. It’s sad that Kentucky is grabbing headlines today thanks to something extraordinarily ugly.

Maybe Pett can go to Syria and see what happens when he makes fun of a politician’s children there. Perhaps he’d like a one way ticket there and then we can all wait and see what kind of cartoon is drawn of this particular American in their midst.


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