Can You Name the Category Where Obama Ranks in the Top Four out of Five All-Time? (Answer: Regulations)

May 1st, 2014

Everyone is good at something.

There isn’t a human being alive who can’t take credit for doing something well.  Granted, some skills aren’t necessarily useful and a few are downright detrimental to the rest of polite society (e.g., Al Capone could effectively run an “organization” but wasn’t very good at paying his taxes).

While most Republicans constantly focus on what President Obama doesn’t do well like creating economic growth or handling foreign policy, they often ignore the fact that he, too, has talents.

This week we learned about one exceptional skill for which he is likely quite proud.

According to a report, the Obama Administration issued 26,417 pages of new regulations this year. That brings the total size of the Federal Register in which all these regulations are printed up to 79,311 pages of late night reading for incurable insomniacs or administrative attorneys (like I once was) who get paid to decipher these thoroughly incomprehensible literary works written by bureaucrats in Washington.

This year’s distinction makes the 2013 Federal Register the . . . drumroll please . . . fourth largest version of that esteemed publication in its history.  That might not seem all that impressive until you take into account that the Obama Administration holds the record for the biggest Federal Register in history (81,405 pages in 2010).  If that wasn’t enough, the Administration has the distinction of holding four out of the five top spots in this category.

To put all this in perspective, this is the athletic equivalent of an NFL team winning its sixth Super Bowl or artistically, Meryl Streep, taking home another Best Actress Oscar.

When it comes to regulatory achievement, there is nothing that even comes close.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this latest version of the Federal Register also features 3,659 new Final Rules and 2,594 Proposed Rules.  That’s music to the ears of anyone who puts “Esq.” after their name on their letterhead.

Granted, it’s a total bummer for the rest of us poor citizens forced to live under all these new rules and regulations.  According to the Wall Street Journal, 191 rules currently being proposed are what are known as “economically significant” which means they could cost the already struggling economy $100 million per year.

Also, since most of these regulations amount to a hidden tax, individually we each bear a significant out of pocket cost to pay for them.

So while no one can argue with a straight face that President Obama isn’t good at something (i.e., regulating us all to death), it’s probably not something anyone (even Obama himself) is likely to run out bragging about anytime soon.