Call Christie Fat? Hillary Isn’t Exactly a Size 2

November 8th, 2013

It’s confirmed.

The Democrats are officially very afraid of Chris Christie.  The clearest evidence of that fact appeared this week with the cover of Time magazine (yes it still exists) featuring a profile of Christie and calling him the elephant in the room.  Democrat elected officials and pundits are piling on as well. This is all extraordinarily dumb considering the fact that their heir apparent, Hillary Clinton, is fat.

I don’t wish to appear unkind, but the woman has big ankles and a broad backside.  She is anything but a slim woman.  Don’t get me wrong.  I certainly don’t have a problem with that.  Heck, I wear a size 2 (and can occasionally slip into a size zero), but I’ve still been known on occasion to look a little chubby on television if I’m wearing a bad neckline and just ate a big lunch.  It’s a fact of life though that if you’re on television or in politics, which I’ve done both, you will be judged on your looks and your weight.

Anyone who wants to bash Christie for being a big boy should know that the door swings both ways, and it’s always harder on a woman than a man.  Unfortunately, a man can always carry a little extra girth and it doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Women, on the other hand, can’t gain an inch without some commentary (which is what makes Spanx one of the greatest inventions of the last fifty years).

In most political races, the bigger taller candidate usually wins.  Look at the de Blasio/Lhota race for New York mayor recently. The polls were overwhelmingly for the tall guy anyway but when you saw the visual of the two standing side by side Lhota’s chances were DOA.

The visuals for Christie versus Hillary aren’t good for her at all.  Christie is a big guy with a strong voice and personality.

By comparison, in three years, Hillary will just look like a tired, fat old lady.  Again, I don’t think that’s necessarily fair, but it’s a fact.  Jumping all over Christie for his weight is equally stupid.

Christie being big helps him.  If it’s a health issue they want to insinuate, that will most likely be a non-issue a year from now.  Since his surgery a year ago, he’s lost seventy pounds.  His goal is to lose seventy more. If he reaches that milestone, everyone will soon be talking about how good he looks.

Even if he doesn’t achieve that goal, it really doesn’t matter.  Christie can wear his fleece to every debate with Hillary and nibble on a Big Mac between questions, and it won’t make a difference. Unless Hillary returns to Roy Teeluck who used to do her hair and find something other than the St. John’s pantsuits to wear, she will suffer by comparison in the appearances department.

One thing is clear.  Democrats started this attack line, so they certainly can’t complain when the fat and old jokes and comments start raining down on Mrs. Clinton.  Either way, rest assured Christie won’t lose in the calorie or the vote count against Hillary Clinton should the two meet in 2016.

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