Breaking News—Ted Cruz Isn’t Hispanic (According to Bill Richardson)

May 6th, 2013

Those crazy Democrats are at it again.

Making a career out of labeling Republicans as “closed minded and bigoted,” one of their own once again proved that Democrats are anything but the open-minded tolerant people they claim to be.

Yesterday, in a web interview for ABC News, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson made the following observation about Texas Senator Ted Cruz:  “He’s anti-immigration.  Almost every Hispanic in the country wants to see immigration reform.  I don’t think he should be defined as Hispanic.”

Yes, you read that correctly.  According to Richardson, Cruz, who is half Cuban, shouldn’t be defined as Hispanic because he doesn’t agree with the proposed immigration law.

That’s a very interesting proposition and one I’ve never heard articulated before anywhere (although among Democrats it’s practiced all the time).

So let’s get this straight, Governor Richardson.  Let’s pretend Juan Garcia is born in Mexico City, Mexico, but becomes a United States citizen.  Juan really worked hard to achieve that citizenship, so he has a problem with the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform proposal.  Is he no longer Hispanic?  What is he then, ethnically speaking?  Who makes these decisions? (I probably shouldn’t ask the last question because for all I know President Obama appointed a czar in the White House to handle that and I’m just unaware of it).

I bet Juan isn’t the only Hispanic person who feels this way.  There are likely thousands of people just like him.  Are they no longer Hispanic as well?  If so, what box are they supposed to check when one of those lengthy government forms asks for such information?  Usually, when they put “None of the above” on the form, they still leave space to state actual ethnicity.  These people will have nothing to write.  I smell a new regulation coming on since the Democrats are all about putting people in different boxes, and they really can’t afford to have a lot of stragglers hanging out there.

This whole idea is really nothing new. Black Republicans are faced all the time with the Democrat line that they really aren’t black because they don’t subscribe to Democrat policies.  Ask Allen West and Clarence Thomas if you doubt that.

I wonder how far they will carry this entire line of reasoning.  For example, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is pro-choice and pro-same sex marriage.  She says she’s Catholic but the Church doesn’t subscribe to either of these ideas.  You might say, “Well, that’s up to the Church.”  I would agree with you, but I think that just further shoots down Richardson’s idea.  It makes much more sense to state that someone isn’t of a given religion if they really aren’t practicing than to decide that someone is of a different ethnic background.

As far as I’m concerned, Ted Cruz is Hispanic.  Period.