Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden Should Go to Gitmo or Be Executed

June 11th, 2013

It is surreal time now in American history.

The ACLU just sued the National Security Agency alleging that the NSA is unconstitutionally spying on Verizon customers (including the ACLU).  I agree that grabbing so much information on so many Americans is unconstitutional.  We’ve completely gone overboard invading people’s privacy in order to keep us safe.  Is Aunt Myrtle a terrorist?  Is Uncle Andy a security threat?  Uh . . . no.

At the same time, we have the IRS targeting and harassing conservative groups which is also completely wrong on so many levels.  Members of the press are being followed by the government under the pretense that they are criminals when they are actually doing their jobs.

We also have our traitors.  First, there is Bradley Manning who stole an enormous amount of confidential military data and handed it over to Wiki-Leaks which ultimately ended up in the hands of our enemies.  This is disgusting on so many levels but mostly because this loser was a member of the U.S. military trained in intelligence.  Yup, he swore to protect us and then overtly took actions that could definitely harm us.  Manning should get the worst punishment possible for doing exactly the opposite of what he signed on to do.

Then there is Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old high school dropout, who somehow managed to get himself a job with high security clearance working for Booz Allen and then stole classified information.  He is now hiding out in Hong Kong and thus subject to Chinese control hoping to get asylum from the prosecution he richly deserves.  More likely, he’ll get interrogated by the Chinese for what he knows.

Both of these men claim that they felt compelled to expose so-called atrocities.  What the heck?

These two guys are pathetic losers. They should both end up in Gitmo with the other enemies of the state or worse face execution.  They should both be made examples of.  We cannot have people entrusted with the most sensitive information imaginable deciding for themselves how to handle that information.  They’ve endangered our lives and deserve to be punished.  In my book, they are both irresponsible and despicable.

There are bigger issues at play here than the worthless lives of these two trolls.  How does something like this happen?  Are there no safeguards in place?  We are in a world now where intelligence is king and data mining is prevalent.  Our government had better get its act together and quickly or we are going to see a meltdown in many areas of our country like we’ve never seen before.

We can’t become a police state, but we also need to have our lives protected against those who want to kill us.

Let’s stay vigilant and keep bugging our elected officials to keep us safe.  That means limiting the data they collect on us while making certain that the information they do have remains private.