Boycott The Butler and Hanoi Jane—Nancy Reagan & Vietnam Vets Deserve Better

August 19th, 2013

The movie, The Butler, came in #1 at the box office this weekend.  Certainly, much of the reason for the film being numero uno is because when Oprah speaks, people listen.  Just ask the poor shop girl in Zurich who was accused of racial profiling Oprah.  It was amazing how that story surfaced right before Oprah’s film about racism was set to debut.

In the film, Jane Fonda plays Nancy Reagan—truly sad and disrespectful.  There are so many actresses in Hollywood who would be wonderful, but no, they had to go with the liberal loud mouth lefty who is best known for calling Vietnam vets murderers while hanging out with the enemy and posing for anti-American propaganda pictures atop artillery tanks.  Hanoi Jane, as she came to be known, committed these vile actions against members of our military who fought in some of the worst conditions of any war in our history.

Fonda’s actions were truly disgusting, but not entirely surprising.  There are sadly too many Hollywood elitists who don’t have a clue about serving their country in any way but who feel free to attack our country and members of the military who fight to preserve their right to speak freely.

Of course, Jane Fonda always has the right to say whatever she wants, but saying something doesn’t make it right.

Speaking of right, I would argue that insulting Nancy Reagan by casting a woman who has acted in such an un-American manner isn’t right.  Instead, it just looks like another one of Oprah’s publicity stunts.  Was this little gag dreamed up by the same gaggle of mad men who suggested Oprah go nuts over being deprived access to a $38,000 purse?  That stunt blew up in Oprah’s face.  She had to apologize.  Casting Hanoi Jane as Nancy Reagan should have the same impact.

Out of respect for Nancy Reagan and the vast numbers of Vietnam Veterans, I for one will not be going to see The Butler.

The Jane Fonda connection isn’t the only reason I’ll pass on this film.  As a history major, I appreciate a film that is historically accurate.  From everything I’ve heard and read, this film is full of historical errors.  Also, I studied for three weeks in Vietnam, and I can tell you that the anti-American propaganda there was pathetic.  It’s bad enough in Vietnam, we certainly don’t need to add to the lies and revolting rhetoric directed to our American warriors who were also beaten, tortured, and killed by insulting them here.

Bottom line—I’ll say “no thank you” to Hanoi Jane and The Butler.  Instead, I’ll watch Ronald Reagan portraying the Gipper or see Stephen Bannon’s film In the Face of Evil—Reagan’s War in Word and Deed.   For a great Vietnam War film, there is always John Wayne’s The Green Berets.

You have much better choices.

Boycott The Butler and remember heroes like Ronald Reagan and all our veterans, particularly those who fought in Vietnam.