Bookapalooza! Pinot, Pasta & Parties

May 22nd, 2017

Our book tour has been quite a ride!

We’ve mostly focused on the east and west coasts because that’s where the big press is centered.  New York City is the base camp for book launches so we hosted ours at Cipriani’s.  Naturally, it had to be at a high profile Italian restaurant.  We enjoyed great food and the company of good friends including Steve Schirripa from Blue Bloods who is a longtime friend of Paul and is now my friend, too.  The Italians definitely stick together when it’s about food.  Press coverage for the event included Forbes and Page Six.

Later, we had another wonderful party in NYC which was great even though it happened during a monsoon.  Supermodel Carol Alt came by even though she doesn’t eat anything like we do.  Carol is all about raw vegetables.  We eat whatever we want whenever we want and it’s all about red meat and fat.  So she was definitely a good sport to join us.

Los Angeles was the next stop on the tour and there we did Home & Family show on Hallmark Channel, The Insider which is the sister show to Entertainment Tonight (ET) and The Talk. Our LA party was at a beautiful Hollywood Hills home and rock star Eddie Money and his wonderful wife came and rocked the place.  We had a ton of fun.

Next we moved on to the Kentucky Derby where my Kentucky sister set up an amazing array of events including a party at her mansion and a signing at a bourbon distillery called Angels Envy. We followed this up with quick stops in Minneapolis and Toronto and now back to LA where I’m already cooking up our second book.  We’re here for two weeks and then back to NYC for another event and then on to Italy where I’m sure we’ll have some sort of event for the book since it’s basically an Italian cookbook with entertaining and cocktails mixed in.

The managing editor and my blogging partner, Monica, has offered to do a book party in Texas when we go for a performance Paul will do later in the year and a legislator in Connecticut wants to host an event for us.

The support we’ve received has been overwhelming.  I can attest to the fact that writing a book is not something for the weak.  It’s a lot of work and was inspired by Monica writing a book called Comeback Moms.  She is a great writer and should do another book.

I’ve found that the book business is not what it used to be. People do everything electronically.  Personally, I love books and prefer the real books you can hold in your hands to the e-books which seems to be taking over the market.

Our book turned out to be beautiful.  When you begin a project like this, you never know what it will end up like.  We started with an idea, but until the final product is in your hands you really never know how it will really look. Our book proved to be a true coffee table book with vivid colors and amazing photography.  We were fortunate enough to make it a couple’s book and a true labor of love.

Through this process I’ve learned a lot.  If we write a second book, one thing is for sure.  People love to eat and drink.  I don’t believe in diets.  If you aren’t enjoying life, what’s the point?

So live and love life and eat whatever you want along with enjoying your favorite wine and cocktails!

Our book is on Amazon and available at Barnes & Noble.

Buy it now and find the ingredients you’ll need to continue with a flair for the party called life!

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