Boehner Needs to Go Cry in His Margarita Back in Ohio—Time for Boehner and Illegal Aliens to Go Home

April 29th, 2014

When they start laughing at you in politics—you’re done.  You can survive many things, but when you become the butt of too many jokes, the party is over.

John Boehner may be at that point.

His recent comments that Republicans want to cry and not work on immigration was truly a bout of buffoonery.  Mocking his colleagues by pretending to mimic them crying like little babies was disrespectful and truly pathetic.  Which House members are voting for him to “lead” them?  They’re obviously pitiful, too, if they’re okay with these sorts of shenanigans.

Isn’t there someone in that body prepared to step up and lead?  Clearly, the Orangeman isn’t. As a side note, if anyone can explain to me how you can achieve that shade of orange skin tone, I’d like to know.  I’m just curious. It certainly makes him look all the more deplorable when he’s making bad jokes mocking other people.

Instead of standing up there whining about not getting his way, why doesn’t he grow a pair and truly address the situation.  Yes, this may mean he has to make tough choices, but if they’re the right choices, history will judge him kindly.  Who cares what we all think one hundred years from now? They can’t poll the dead.

For example, maybe he can find the courage to call for the construction of an adequate border fence.  The Chinese built the Great Wall thousands of years ago, and it’s still standing.  It may take time to get it right, but a real leader would take up the challenge.

And how about appropriating more money for ICE and developing an effective system of enforcement?  That may be difficult, but we don’t elect people to do easy things.  We vote for them because we believe they can tackle the tough things and succeed.

Likely, we’ll win the midterm elections thus continuing the firewall against harmful Obama policies.  But what good is the firewall if it’s lead by a man with zero guts and no clear sense of direction.  Having Boehner at the front lines is like having a guy with a squirt gun lead a charge to put out a forest fire.  Eventually, he and everyone with him will be overwhelmed.

Buckeye Boehner is clearly so consumed with the notion of his own power that he cares little if at all for the big picture.

We are at a serious crossroads in this country on many fronts.  We need leaders ready to make tough decisions.  On amnesty and immigration reform, we need people who’ll stand up against a lot of pressure to do just what is easy or convenient.

Yes, it’s very easy to have open borders and let everyone just show up and stay here.  That’s the lazy man’s immigration policy. But is it the best immigration policy?  Where will that plan ultimately lead us?

No more wimps.  No more crybabies.  No more losers ready to give up the fight.  Let’s get rid of Boehner and find a true leader—a real patriot who’ll do what the country needs to protects its greatness.

As for Boehner, kick him to the curb.  If he likes Mexico so much, he can cross the border and have at it.  If nothing else, he can get a real tan for a change.

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