Boehner Needs to go Back to Ohio—High Time for Speaker Kevin McCarthy

August 14th, 2015

Anyone following my blog and tweets the past couple of years knows that I’m no fan of Speaker John Boehner. The last two times Boehner won that job I said that Kevin McCarthy would be the better choice. Nothing has changed there except that Kevin has moved up the ranks at record speed to becoming second in command as House Majority Leader.

Recent reports say that through some quiet counting it appears that Boehner would lose the election for Speaker if it was held today. Who knows if that’s true, but if it is all I can say is that it’s a welcome change in my book.

People are so over the Clintons, another Bush, and Boehner. Americans want bold new leadership. Sell out Boehner should just go back to Ohio and enjoy happy hour all the time. He’s put in his time and made his mark. Now it’s time for the second in command to take his turn at the wheel.

I’ve known Kevin in the political world for a very long time. Years ago, in the Young Republicans we ran together as the McCarthy/Benkie ticket. We won and then I went on to win the Chairman spot myself. Kevin worked hard from that time on. Besides being Chairman, he served as a District Director for his Congressman (whose seat he now holds), a state legislator in California, House Majority Whip, and now Majority Leader. And he did all this in record time. Despite the gray hair, Kevin is a young guy.

It’s really not if Kevin becomes Speaker someday, it’s when. He has a way of bringing people together and a way of dealing with those who need to, as you might say, have their minds changed about things for the greater good.

Americans are tired of the same old establishment wonks. Those of us who know Kevin well know what’s coming. Not only is he successful, but he has a beautiful wife and kids. He’s definitely all around “the guy.”

Right now everyone is focused on the presidential election. The Speaker’s race isn’t even on most people’s radars yet unless you’re a Member of Congress. Still, it isn’t too early to begin thinking about the possibilities.

As a huge Donald Trump fan and friend of Kevin, I can attest that a team of Trump and McCarthy would certainly be a force to be reckoned with. They would work together and succeed where everyone else is failing.

And then there’s the Senate.

Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz would both be better alternatives to Mitch McConnell. Besides, since we’d already have McCarthy in the House, McConnell would just confuse things. McConnell/McCarthy? It doesn’t work.

Kevin is very loyal and will support Boehner to the end. I know this because I’ve been personally scolded by Kevin for pushing him for Speaker for this reason. That’s fine, and I admire him taking this position, but it’s my blog and I can support him if I want to.

As Donald Trump is shaking up the political landscape and rumors are simmering that Boehner is fading away, I’m excited about the possibility for the future both for my friend and for the country. Both these men are rock stars and would revive the American dream.

It will be a wonderful day when Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker of the House.

Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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