Bloomberg Gives Insults “Look at that ass on her!” While Fighting Guns & Soda

January 28th, 2013

Just when I thought Mayor Michael Bloomberg couldn’t get more annoying, I find out he’s in line for Misogynist of the Year.  According to a New York Daily News article, Bloomberg ogled a female guest at a holiday party recently and exclaimed, “Look at the ass on her!”  Evidently, he also felt oddly compelled to instruct Christine Quinn, Speaker of the New York City Council, on the height of her shoes.  Apparently, he doesn’t like women wearing flats. He’s also known to give Ms. Quinn unwelcome commentary on the color of her hair in between color treatments by making fun of her two tone coif.

Pretty much everything he’s reportedly said or done recently is repugnant, so I’m not sure where to begin.

Let’s start with the shoes.  Bloomberg is so short, you’d think he’d be happy when women wear flats so he doesn’t look like a short troll looking guy. Then there’s the hair.  If the mayor had any hair himself, maybe he’d have room to criticize.  Instead, he barely has any at all.  You’d think with all his money, the least he could do is invest in a membership with the Hair Club for Men. Finally, there is the “ass” comment.  Someone needs to tell him, it’s not the 1960’s anymore and he’s not living in the Mad Men era.  Making that comment is lewd and inappropriate.  Perhaps he could find it within himself to keep his lewd and crude comments to any like-minded buddies he has and thus spare the rest of us another unappealing dimension of his personality.

I didn’t need to discover the negatives of his personality not to like him.  His policies are bad enough and incredibly hypocritical.

Frequently, I’ve walked by his place in a posh neighborhood close to Central Park, and lo and behold, there are a couple of police officers standing outside his door or on the sidewalk guarding the little mayor.  I’m sure there are more that we just can’t see and that he’s sure to afford himself full armed protection.  Meanwhile, a woman like me is prevented from protecting myself in the event some guy decides to grab me from behind and drag me into an alley to harm, rape, beat, or kill me. Since I can’t have a gun, there isn’t much more I can do than kick and scream.  I know the mayor is very rich and a VIP, but I don’t think that should entitle him to more safety than the rest of us are afforded.

Then there’s his famous soda ban.  Prohibition has always worked out so well, particularly if you’re a fan of organized crime.  Until I read his ass comment, I’ve often wondered why he became so interested in breast feeding recently that he ordered hospitals in the city to withhold baby formula to new mothers until they are educated on the value of breast feeding.  Perhaps this great idea came to him one day while scanning a fundraiser for all the breasts in the room.

Finally, there is the ridiculous idea he had to hold the New York City Marathon after Hurricane Sandy.  People in the New York area were freezing and starving, so he thought nothing of making it more difficult for them to find shelter by filling all the local hotel rooms with marathoners from out of town.  Fortunately, public pressure saved him from this stupid decision.

Thank goodness, little Mayor Bloomberg will soon be ex-mayor.  The end of his tenure couldn’t come soon enough for me.  The only positive thing I can think of resulting from his tenure as mayor is that it’s made me appreciate Rudy Giuliani more and more every day.