A Bit of Irony from the Women’s March on Washington

January 25th, 2017

As someone who was in Washington during the Women’s March on Washington, I can vouch that for the most part it was fairly consistent.  There were lots of knit pink pussy hats and signs loaded with sexual innuendo.  Participants informed me that the latter was intended to demonstrate the empowerment of women.  Evidently, proving that you can be as sexually inappropriate as a man is a sign of social progress.  Who knew?

During the program, something happened that surprised me and yet sadly didn’t shock me at all.

To wild cheering and enthusiastic shouts, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore proclaimed, “We do not accept Betsy DeVos as our secretary of education.”  He then implored the crowd to call representatives and senators in hopes of stopping DeVos’ ascent to that office.

So aside from President Donald Trump, the only other target of the Women Marcher’s wrath is another woman.  And she just happens to be one of the two women appointed to Trump’s Cabinet.

You’d think that even if the National Education Association, America’s biggest teacher’s union, doesn’t support DeVos and even if everyone in the crowd truly believes that DeVos isn’t qualified for the position, they might have overlooked all that on this particular occasion because it just seems odd for a group of women to choose one of the few women in the Trump Cabinet to malign and attack.

Couldn’t they have saved all of that for a future forum where it wouldn’t hold the same irony?

Years ago, I co-wrote a book about mothers temporarily leaving the workforce.  Traveling the country, I participated in interviews with many women.  After a while, my co-author and I noticed a disturbing trend.  Oftentimes the villain in an interviewee’s story was another woman.  Frequently, it was an unmerciful boss or a jealous co-worker.  At one point, we had so much material about women being unkind and unsupportive to other women that we even contemplated changing the focus of the book to how women sometimes treat one another.

So even though sadly this isn’t all that uncommon, it still seems a little curious that a designated women’s march featuring signs and t-shirts proclaiming “Love Trumps Hate” could be so hateful towards another woman.

And the vitriol and hatred didn’t end with the March.  Chelsea Handler still can’t stop hating on First Lady Melania Trump.  When asked if she’d ever consider interviewing Mrs. Trump, Handler snidely responded no because she “can barely speak English.”

Actually, Mrs. Trump can fluently speak five languages, which I’m guessing is probably four more than Ms. Handler.

All of this compounds the irony further.  At the Women’s March, I saw lots of pro-immigration signs.  You’d think it looks doubly hypocritical for supporters of that sign to attack a woman for basically being an immigrant.

The sad truth is that the Democrats’ identity politics has really always been about co-opting a group of people and ascribing their views to that group.  Under their logic, if you don’t happen to support those views you can’t possibly be a member of the group.

Consequently, those at the Women’s March can with a clear conscience fail to see any hypocrisy in attacking Betsy DeVos at a women’s march.


Because evidently Betsy DeVos isn’t a “woman” after all.




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