Bevin Win a Sign of What’s Coming—Trump!

November 4th, 2015

Last night, Matt Bevin won not by a nose but by an entire horse to become the next Governor of Kentucky.  He will be the second Republican in forty-four years to hold that position.

Yes, Matt Bevin stunned the Democrats in the commonwealth.  Kentucky is special to me because I was born there and all my family came from the area.

Each presidential election cycle there is always a contest that proves to be a bellwether of things to come.  The surprise Bevin win could be just that race.  Democrats this morning are blaming Donald Trump for the Bevin victory.  Trumpmania, they say, is what drove the election in his favor.

I rarely agree with the Democrats, but this time my Kentucky counterparts have it right. What’s shocking to me is that they’re actually saying it out loud.  Yes, the governor’s race in Kentucky is a big red flag for the country as to what’s coming.  The country is going red for the next president, and hopefully that president will be Donald Trump.

Granted, some polls right now don’t have Trump in first position.  Ben Carson is edging him out here and there.  Nevertheless, there’s no denying that once Trump got in the race he dominated it forcing everyone else to shuffle and shift around him.

Back in 1979, when Jimmy Carter was so weak and terrible for the country, the electorate corrected the electoral mistake by going bold and putting Ronald Reagan in office.

Trump and Reagan are often compared recently, and there are many similarities between them but there are also differences.  The biggest trait they have in common is that they both can be viewed as the right candidate at the right time.  Carter was as weak and miserable as Obama is now.  In fact, it could be argued that Obama is historically bad.  The country is eager to go in another direction.  Some fear it’s going too far, but I think we’ve gone so far the wrong way that it’s impossible to overcorrect.

At least with Donald Trump, everything he says speaks to American exceptionalism.  This is the perfect antidote to the past nearly eight years of anti-American sentiment coming out of the White House.

Right now, the public is ready to bring out the cannons and raise the pitchforks.  They’re ready to dump some tea in the harbor.  They’re saying enough already with Americans being tortured and beheaded.  Enough already with the nation failing to deal with illegal immigration and with illegal aliens cashing in on freebies while hardworking Americans work two or three jobs at a time just to make ends meet.  Enough of China practically laughing in our faces that we allow them to run all over us.

It goes on and on.

What Trump wants is as his campaign slogan says to make America great again.  If he’s elected, there’s no doubt he will.

Americans are cocky and proud.  So is Trump.  And that’s the great thing.  No apologies just American exceptionalism.

So congrats to my fellow Kentuckians for electing Bevin.  It’s like heaven.  Now let’s elect Trump and give em hell!

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