Best National Anthem Ever! Whitney Wins! Beyonce Bailed!

January 22nd, 2013

Yesterday, I was given a very hard time by many in the Twitterverse when I stated that while Beyonce did a great job singing the Star Spangled Banner, it was nowhere near what Whitney Houston did when she sang the national anthem at Super Bowl XXV.  To me it wasn’t even close.  Whitney won, hands down.

The big reason I was chided so much for my waxing about Whitney was because Beyonce’s performance was flawless and Whitney lip-synced her performance.

Well, guess what folks?

Beyonce lip-synced her rendition of the national anthem, too!  To make matters worse, in the middle of the “performance,” she pulled the ear piece singers use out of her ear with a dramatic flair reserved for some of the most emotional performances of all time.

When it came to singing the national anthem at the Inaugural, evidently she panicked and bailed at the last minute.  According to someone with the Marine Corps Band, she recorded her performance the day before “just in case” and decided for whatever reason that she’d just fake it when the time came.

I’m sorry, but this is the presidential inauguration.  Shouldn’t everything be real at such an event?  What’s even worse is that she allowed her “performance” to be praised from coast to coast all day yesterday. I doubt she ever planned to reveal the truth.  Sadly, for her, someone with the band just couldn’t keep the secret or experienced a crisis of conscience and spilled the beans.

So why did she chicken out?  Maybe it was the cold (although it wasn’t that cold yesterday) or maybe it was the ghost of Chief Justice John Roberts flubbing the oath of office last time around that scared her. Whatever it was, it’s a huge disappointment.

I’m sorry, but can’t the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court memorize the oath for occasions like this?  He’s supposed to be a really smart guy or he wouldn’t be in that position to begin with.  Can’t a Grammy award winning superstar memorize the words to the national anthem?  We’ve all been singing that song since when . . . first grade?

These are supposed to be people who perform well under pressure or they wouldn’t be where they are.  In a moment as historically important as the presidential inauguration, you would think she’d want to perform live.  As it is, she can someday tell people that she was physically present at the Inauguration, but she can’t say she actually performed there without lying (and if she chooses that angle she might as well confess to being Manti Te’o’s girlfriend, too).

President Obama flubbed the oath a bit, but at least he repeated it live.  He could have recorded that, too, I guess, but how ridiculous would that be?

I like things to be real.  A professional performer should perform.  I’m sick of how things are becoming more and more fake.  Athletes can’t just compete.  They take drugs and get surgery to make themselves better. Models and actresses can’t appear on magazine covers without being airbrushed first.  It’s pretty depressing.

I don’t know who the next president will be, but I hope that whoever it is, they insist the whole event is real.  In the meantime, I stand by yesterday’s “review” with a slight caveat.

Whitney Houston remains the greatest (lip-synced) performance of the national anthem ever.